1. Hmm well, this might be a case of too-soon/in-poor-taste. There were some people blaming the transmission of the new corona virus to humans on the consumption of bats as food from “wet markets” in China.

  2. My first thought was the same as Mitch’s, but I suspect Deering was just thinking that shelter in place is like living in a cave, and what lives in caves? Bats.

  3. These days we’re all holed up, living in our own little caves, hanging off the walls.

    These bats are literally hanging off the walls. And like us, they consider staying in their cave, and surviving off of food delivery. (Why not?)

    We have much in common with these bats.

  4. Bats spend the day in their caves, but fly out at night to eat (mosquitoes and such). But the pandemic has convinced them it’s not safe to fly out for their food, so they’re ordering in. (I don’t know if their local shop makes offers a big pizza, though, and I wouldn’t think bats are generally much for pepperoni and cheese and like that.)

    Of course, maybe the bugs they’d ordinarily hunt are also sheltering in place and would not be available to be eaten. Hard times all around.

  5. Around this area, the bats have a pandemic of their own, called white-nose syndrome, killing them off.

  6. To be pedantic (because that’s the kind of people we are here), there is speculation that the virus may have jumped from bats to pangolins to humans. In either case, it is not he eating of the animals that caused this, but rather living in crowded conditions with the animals. Diseases jump from other species to humans rarely, but often with devestating effects and it requires the animals to be crowded together with the people, who are also crowded together. We don’t see this so much in Western countries anymore because we don’t keep livestock in cities and we drug our animals like crazy to try to keep them healthy enough to survive until slaughter. But it could happen, in theory.

    As for the comic, they’re vampire bats. They’re going to order in a pizza and eat the deliveryman/woman. So it doesn’t matter if the pizzeria offers “big” pizzas or not.

  7. For “big pizza” above, read “bug pizza.” (I’d say it was time for my annual eye exam, but I just had one.)

    I like the vampire bat theory, but I think it that was what the creator was going for that these bats would look more vampiry (obvious fangs?) rather than just — batty. Still, that works for me too.

  8. “Wanna have Chinese food delivered?” would add much more funniness to the toon. But would that be racially incorrect? I don’t tink so.

  9. This thead made me decide to get carryout from the Chinese place I went to weekly back when I was a productive member of society. The young woman at the counter remembered me.

    ps. posting less because my PC is in repair and I am using the ipad.

  10. I typed my last comment when I didn’t have much time, so I’ll elaborate a bit. It’s a comment about how any criticism of the incredible bungling of the emergence of COVID-19 by the Chinese government is shouted down by many crying racism. The PRC loves to cover up anything embarrassing. I’d say most organizations have that tendency, virtually all governments as well. But the PRC much more so, to the extent that it will endanger the health of its people and the entire human race. PRC is very good at playing the race card and it works is shutting down criticism. And that is hilarious as Chinese are some of the most racist people on the planet. Based on years in Asia and I’d say they’re even more racist than the Japanese and that is saying something. Also, interesting video below on the topic. The man is a bit strident, but he lived there for years, has a Chinese wife and is fluent in the language, so he is in the loop. And if anyone asks I’ll tell the story of Chinese cheering 9/11 attacks.

  11. Brian in STL, that stinks, you have my sympathies. I know that I rarely comment when I am on a mobile device. I much prefer to have a keyboard to make my comments.

    On a related note, it stinks when stuff needs service under the current circumstances. Places are closed, everything takes longer, workers are unavailable to come do the service and you probably don’t want strangers in your home either. I have water damage that needs repair but it’s suspended until things get better. And we had the microwave oven go on the fritz, so had to order a new one and wait 10 days for the arrival. You realize how much you use it when you don’t have one. 🙂

  12. ps. posting less because my PC is in repair and I am using the ipad.

    Replacement computer procured. The new curbside pickup at Micro Center is an improvement as long as you don’t need to go inside for some other reason. I will say that in general the iPad was a better backup than the previous, the Win 98 computer (which still chugs along).

  13. @ Brian in StL – Attaching a Win98 system to the Internet is asking for big trouble, unless you have a reliable external firewall set up.

  14. Brian in STL – Glad to hear that about Micro Center. We both have Win 7 computers which are set up as we want them and neither wanted a Win 10 (this laptop is and I have soooo many problems with it). So we figured out that we would get rid of my (inherited from my dad) 20th century copying machine and our color laser printer which always has problems and buy a color laser printer/scanner to put where the copying machine was and build or buy a Win 10 computer which would go where the old color laser printer was – between our desks. Whichever one of us needed to use same – such as for my tax software which won’t work with Win 7 for the current filing year we would load in the computer and each use with our current monitor, keyboard, etc. We got isolated at home before we could resolve what we were getting or building. Maybe he can figure out what we are doing and pick it up and give him something to do. (Have had to do income taxes on this @@##!! laptop.)

  15. The refurb I got had only a 500G hard drive, so that made it cheaper than many options. I didn’t need a solid-state drive, because the existing PC had one that is all configured with my software. However, it’s getting harder to find true tower computers, with all the space to work in and extra drive bays. I also have a 1TB hard drive with lots of files that was a second drive in the old PC. This time I settled for a small-form-factor PC and just got a USB drive enclosure to hold the hard drive.

    Replacing the new HD with the old SSD took some disassembly because of the way things are packed into the SFF PC. Got that all taken care of. The bad PC almost certainly has a motherboard failure. You can get a used replacement for < $20, so I will get one of those and install it. If that goes okay I can put the HD from the new computer in as a boot drive and have a functioning backup PC.

    YouTuber Mxkdi has lots of great videos on teardown/upgrade/replacement for a number of computers, including my old and new ones.

  16. The second computer I used had two 7.25 MB drives (2311s on a 360/30). So, it’s not surprising that I was recently gathering large files and confusing GB & TB.

  17. The “only” really meant just a spinner. The SSD I have is less than that, which is why I pair it with a regular HD. Most of the benefits of the SSD are in having the OS on it. Depending on what you do, 500G is quite a lot of storage.

  18. When we were looking to get/build a WIn 10 computer before we became housebound, the prebuilt computers they had were greatly lacking as there was no real room for add ins.

    When we were looking at the parts to build one (Robert has built our last 4 or 5 computers with my help) the cases were either small and stingy on what could be put in or too huge and bulky for what we needed them for.

    It is actually my fault we did not buy a computer or the parts to build one – we were dealing with Meryl does not want to give up her PS2 thumb pad and use a mouse and figuring out how to convert same to USB or what would make me happy instead. (He may be crazy about a lot of things – but I pay him back in my stubbornness.)

  19. Our computers go back to an Atari 800, which is still in the house along with the Commodore 128. We have gotten rid of the 286, the 386, the 486, the pentium, and several of the ones since then. I think we only have our current computers, his Win 10 laptop, my two Win XP laptops and my Win 10 laptop – which I am on right now and swearing as usual about the strange things it does. He did make an XP virtual machine in this laptop and my desktop so I don’t have to give up software I like to use (see, I said I was stubborn). I suppose from now on I will only be bringing this one laptop when we travel as opposed to both of my XP’s – presuming we ever travel again – finally got the RV batteries working right again, and now we cannot go anywhere anyway.

  20. If you get a tower that has more space than you need, it’s no big deal. Empty drive bays or expansion slots won’t hurt anything. Many computers continue to have PS2 connectors. Micro Center has a good selection of refurbished computers, it might be worth checking their web site to see what’s available.

  21. Brian, thank you, we know that, but there is limited space and cost is more for bigger tower. Plus now the idea is tabled until we can go out and shop again.

  22. My most recent one was ordered using the iPad. Now that I two functioning modern computers (plus the Win 98 that apparently intends to bury them all) I’m a bit more protected from malfunctioning PCs.

    I mentioned to friends that I had repaired the computer, and one was astonished. She said, “You fixed your own computer! That’s amazing! Maybe you should do that as a business.” Ummm, no.

  23. SingaporeBill – Thank you. I will show to Robert when life starts back up again and we think of the Win10 computer again.

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