1. Could be just a sleep mask with eyes printed on it… but this is Arlo and Janis, so that’s probably not it.

  2. Covid-19 gag?

    I was thinking maybe Mr Johnson stole a joke I have been telling people: In discussions about face masks, I say that I am going to get a Lone Ranger mask.

  3. Eh, there are any number of kinks and games that involve masks. Most of the last couple of weeks have revolved around Arlo deciding that staying at home means they have a LOT of free time on their hands, and what better way to spend it. There’s probably also a burglar mask/face mask thing going on here.

  4. I think… because my wife does this to me….

    That Janis’ nighttime routine is so long that Arlo is already asleep. But when she is done, she flips the bedroom light on, waking Arlo back up.

    So he’s switched to using a sleep mask (without telling her). I’m now considering doing this….

  5. @Catelli Arlo looks alert and excited, not asleep. I’m thinking the joke is that Janis took the time to lotion up and brush her hair for their night together, while Arlo just slapped on a kinky mask.

  6. It’s not clear to me that Janis was expecting anything except going to sleep. She looks more surprised than expectant.

  7. “If I were Zorro’s señora
    How perfectly happy he’d be
    I’d make his vida more bueno
    I’d put all the zest in his ‘Z'”
    -Emma Wallace

  8. My take on it is that Janis was primping and getting dolled up for bed in her short nightgown, so Arlo was waiting in a sleep mask with eyeholes cut out. Not practical, but cute.

  9. I was with Catelli2.0 (probably because my wife does the same thing and I have also resorted to a sleep mask sometimes). I figured it was one of those creepy sleep masks with eyes painted on. But then I noticed that Arlo has a big smile on his face, so he’s not asleep…

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