[OT] You Gotta Have Hearts

A trivia question from my 5-year-old niece, of all people, and only on of us at the virtual seder knew the answer — and he might have cheated, because who can tell when we’re scattered across the continent?

What animal has three hearts?


  1. I don’t know, but unless it draws two more, it still loses to a straight, three of a kind, etc.

  2. Is this an actual factual question with an actual answer? Not a “riddle” answer such as “a rabbit with two cabbages” or anything? Or “a woman pregnant with twins.”

    If it’s factual, I don’t know.

  3. I like the way you think, Pete — but it’s a legit question, and I looked it up afterward to be certain. Because the question did, after all, come from a 5-year-old and honestly, I didn’t completely trust my brother to have checked it out.

  4. My first guess was earthworm, but that’s apparently wrong: ‘Earthworms can have five, 10 or zero hearts, depending on how you define “heart.” They have five pairs of aortic arches that run along the length of its body (or 10 single arches, if you count each pair…’

  5. Yeah, I looked it up, and it’s an amazing fact. I heard something just a few days ago about their brains, too–the original multiprocessor system.

  6. I would guess that your niece was paying attention when she watched Pixar’s “Finding Dory”, in which this detail is a matter of discussion between Dory and Hank, the seven-armed octopus.

  7. P.S. @ CIDU Bill – Here’s a counter question for your niece: “What animal starts off life with three teeth?”

  8. Oh, ya gotta have Sartre
    Miles and miles and miles of Sartre
    You can talk about Camus
    till you’re blue
    But baby, you’re through
    Unless you gotta lotta Sartre

  9. Some snakes do stuff like that. They’ll enlarge organs to digest a big meal, then they’ll shrink afterward (basically being reabsorbed) between meals.

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