1. The giant snake is dancing to his tune, and he’s freaking about what happens when he finally stops?

  2. I think Ian has it – that snake towers over him and he is not at all sure that he will ever dare stop playing.

  3. Yes, the charmer was minding his own business charming his own little pet snake but accidentally summoned up a mighty denizen of snake world and is wondering what will happen when the music stops.

  4. I think both branches of explanation here work, tho I am inclined more to what Ed and Powers suggest.

    This almost fits the trope of the cute little monster , well tamed or friendly, but then the parent shows up and in monster fashion demands an accounting.

  5. Odd – I put Geezer alert in angle brackets above, and WordPress must have thought it was improper html.

  6. @ Scott – If you want to write things like “<geezer alert>” (or “<incredible nerd alert>”), you have to encode the “<” and “>” characters as “&lt;” and “&gt;”.

  7. “The snake’s name is Mr. Big.”

    Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time.

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