1. Personally, I don’t think you’re missing much. It’s overrated in my mind. I’m with Cleo.

  2. I’ve seen some discussion of it, and it doesn’t sound like my sort of thing.

  3. I had never heard of “Tiger King” before seeing this item, which would have been a big CIDU without the help above. I don’t need to resort to Cliff’s Notes: two paragraphs in Wikipedia were enough to prove that I would not enjoy watching it (even less than a biography of Steve Irwin).

  4. That documentary is bat you know what crazy. The best way I’ve heard it described is that if it were a pitch for a fictional movie, it would never make it to the big screen because it sounds too far fetched. So many characters who each deserve their OWN documentary. Even the small details are mind boggling.

  5. If it involves mistreatment of animals, I guess I would be pleased that good journalism has uncovered some of it, but I would not want to subject myself to watching that portrayed, or discussed in detail.

  6. Mitch4, I guess it depends on your definition of “mistreatment of animals”. But I can’t say that I saw anything that phrase applies to in the series. It’s really more about the oddball characters. Tygalilee describes it very well. And this is coming from a person who turns off those ASPCA commercials showing abused pets because I can’t stand them.

    Now if you think zoos in general count as animal mistreatment, then you will no doubt think it applies to this series too.

  7. Thanks. No, I don’t object to zoos per se.

    I recall breaking the spoilers code to respond to a guy who was considering seeing “Wendy and Lucy” but had an agreement with hs wife that they couldn’t see any movie where a dog dies by the end.

  8. I don’t watch much tv (way too much YouTube, tho) and I notice this series is on Netflix. It made me curious: how many services do you all subscribe to, and/or how much does it cost you per month?

    Okay, I just spelled ‘month’ with a ‘g’. I’m going back to bed.

  9. We have Hulu (which replaces Cable which we don’t have), Netflix, and Amazon Prime.

    For the duration of the Plague, we’ve added HBO and Broadway HD (because there’s four of us and not everybody likes the same things).

    Side question: How is ESPN filling its time these days? And are subscribers abandoning it in droves?

  10. @tygalilee
    I enjoy using the term ‘Guanopsychotic’

    Exactly the same meaning as ‘bat you know what crazy’, AND it gets past any anti-profanity filter.

  11. Just like ESPN, Eurosport has been suffering from a severe lack of broadcastable events. I have no idea what ESPN is doing about it, but Eurosport has been running reruns of (mostly recent) material, fairly comparable to the stuff that they would be showing in April if the schedules hadn’t all been torpedoed. Oddly enough, Eurosport has not (yet) resorted to its usual filler material: an extensive library of sports blooper reels called “WATTS”. Perhaps they are saving that for when the crisis has gone on for a couple of months.

  12. I never heard of Tiger King either – but the image and sound of Kevin Kline in Pirates of Penzance jumped into my head instantly as he sang “Pirate King” in the play

  13. In the Sunday paper sports section, they had a “Wide World of NO Sports” section. It had sports-related trivia, birthdays, and book and movie reviews.

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