1. Telling you anyway. Using the pedals, the toilet paper is run through its…duty…and rerolled to be reused. More reuse than recycle, but since it involves pedals, I guess it’s re-cycling.

  2. I understand the logistics — presumably this is Rube Goldberg’s bathroom — but how does any of this save a life?

    This was drawn too early: if it were published now, it could have had a more timely caption: “Never again worry about running out of toilet paper during the Quarantine!”

    Related observation: it didn’t take long for the quarantine to be referred to as the Quarantine, a specific historical event. Unless we go through this mishegoss again, for the rest of our lives “the Quarantine” will always mean just one thing.

    The same way anybody of my generation, if asked where we were when we heard about “the assassination,” will understand we’re not being asked about RFK, MLK or Anwar Sadat.

    But I digress.

    I hate when that happens.

  3. At first I thought I discovered a defect in the machine, in that you could always tell which roll was “recycled”, because it was rolled up in the “opposite” direction (one is “over the roll”, the other one is “under”). However, looking more closely, I can see that both rolls are clockwise, so I guess everything’s OK with the setup as drawn.

    P.S. I really hope that nobody needs a smiley on that paragraph to figure out that it wasn’t meant seriously.

  4. Unh-unh-unh! Nope! The used surface is being collected on the *outside* of the take-up roll, rendering it foul for further handling. The inventors are trying to fool Kilby, among other evaluators, based on the dispensing roll serving up the supposedly clean inside surface for next use — but it has been rolled up against the dirty outside.

  5. This strikes me as absurdist humor, nothing more.

    And the caption in the image momentarily confused me. It took a couple of readings for me to realize that it might be two sentences strung together.

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