1. No, I think she’s past that. It’s just hotter than she thought it was going to be, so she’s now wearing what she’d wear in June.

  2. It’s also that you can be dressed correctly when you first go out, then as you work you get warmer and warmer.

  3. I just read this as typical April weather, temperatures jumping all over the place.

  4. If it was just “typical April weather”, why would she say “This isn’t good”?

    It’s not menopause either. It’s just she’s working so hard.

  5. Does anyone really wear that many layers in April? Of course she’s overheating. She started out with a jacket, sweatshirt, T-shirt, another undershirt, and presumably a bra under that! I get that it’s artistic exaggeration to make the joke, but still… “This is not good” may simply br referring to her wardrobe choices.

  6. Depends on the weather. We have 80F today, but it wouldn’t shock me if we had one or more days that had highs in the low 40s yet in April.

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