1. Joe Friday tells him to “make MY day?”

    I think the joke is maybe obscured by being too close to the Dirty Harry line.

  2. Huh?

    Okay, taking the phrase “make my day” literally but…. why Friday? Wouldn’t it make more sense to be Dirtyharryday? Except there is no Dirtyharryday….

    ANd yeah, something to do with, thank god it’s friday but why? God didn’t do it willingly…

  3. Oh! It’s Joe Friday from Dragnet! (as Folly put it)

    But how the heck were we supposed to get that that was Joe Friday? He doesn’t look or act like Joe Friday. Is it possible the cartoonist confused Dragnet with Dirty Harry??? But *how* on earth could anyone confuse the two??????

  4. Maybe it is something to do with Robinson Crusoe (no, I didn’t really think so). However, when i first saw the image I thought it was St Peter on the ground, what with the gates.

    Fun Fact: There’s an Inspector Thursday in the TV series Endeavour (prequel to Inspector Morse). Tuesday Weld, Wednesday Addams.

    Another Fun Fact: while idly looking for people called Monday, to complete the working week set, I stumbled across the fact that the Akan people of Ghana frequently really do name their children after the day of the week they were born.


  5. @ narmitaj – We have some neighbors whose family name is “Montag” (“Monday” in German). However,. the naming rules here would almost certainly prevent anyone assigning any day of the week as a given name.

  6. @narmitaj: Cheating a bit, Talbot Mundy (author of KING — OF THE KHYBER RIFLES etc.) and Elizabethan playwright Anthony Munday come pretty close.

    Closing out the week, therre’s also old evangelist Billy Sunday. Can’t think offhand of a Saturday.

    Wanna do the months of the year? Or the states of the U.S.? (Yes, these are things I sometimes mull over during insomniac periods, trying to bore myself to sleep. It rarely works, as I start finding them too interesting.)

  7. @Kilby: I did some checking, and it looks like all seven days of the week (including both names for Saturday) are family names in Germany. Since it’s somewhat subjective, depending on the registry office a couple might — might — be able to name their child Tuesday or Wednesday (citing Weld and Addams respectively), but they’d never get one through using a German day of the week.

  8. Then there is Thursday Next, the heroine of Jasper Fforde’s book universe series, which takes place within books.
    I don’t recall Joe Friday pointing guns at people that much – or ever being out of his jacket. I thought the cop was Dirty Harry, ready for a Friday.

  9. “I don’t recall Joe Friday pointing guns at people that much – or ever being out of his jacket.”

    To my mind Joe Friday was the complete antithesis of Dirty Harry. Dirty Harry was loose canon; a cop who played by his own rules; a man always on the edge. Joe Friday was button down; by the book; just the facts ma’am; rules and order are the one thing keeping us from the animals. Dirty Harry was we *are* then animals; the only thing is I’m the animal that’s gonna keep you off the street by ripping your throat out before you rip out mine.

    I honestly can not comprehend how anyone could conflate the two.

  10. You wouldn’t conflate Dirty Harry and Joe Friday. But just thinking about how Friday and his partner would talk about meaningless stuff for the first five minutes of every Dragnet show: “You know, Joe, I’ve been thinking of putting a swimming pool in my yard.” “Why would you want a swimming pool?” “Well, I don’t really, but my wife wants one.” “I know a guy who installs swimming pools.” etc. etc. Then you watch the two guys in Pulp Fiction talking about what a Big Mac is called in France. So I suppose you could conflate Jules and Joe.

  11. Not a Big Mac, a Quarter Pounder with cheese (metric system so : “Royal Cheese”): I remember people asking me if it was true in Clemson, SC, in 1998.

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