1. The logistics of this seem OK, even if it’s not that funny. It’s not hard to imagine reasons that he might have thought someone else was her husband. And the real husband just showed up recently, after observing the smaller man hitting on his wife. Again, not really funny, but things like this occur in sitcoms enough that I don’t find it distracting to fill in the gaps.

  2. Winter Wallaby

    Yeah, but in the sitcom there is a setup and a carry-through. Here we have *no* idea why he thought he husband was any of those traits.

    I guess this is the Joke of Holmes and Watson looking at a cute little puppy on the moors and laughing “So *this* is what got those Baskervilles so worked up” while right behind them an eight foot high slobbering hell-hound with razor fangs. But this is such a botched execution it’s all but impossible to figure it out.

  3. I think it’s not so much that he thinks her husband is those things, but he hopes her husband is old, small, and wears glasses so he would be easy to take in a fight.

  4. Balding guy is just trying to hit on her, making up a pretense that he ‘might know’ her husband.

  5. I think it’s what Philip says, only more so: here are two guys hitting on her, and trying to determine how harmless her husband would be should he show up; the smaller guy is seeing his chances are diminishing as the husband turns out not to be old, short, or glasses wearing; the taller guy is still liking his chances. Maybe there was a bigger crowd of men shortly before, but the herd is thinning as the less fit guys drift off to more likely prospects…

  6. Apparently I completely misunderstood what was happening here, which explains why Bill’s text was so confusing. I thought this was a team of hit men and were trying to get information from this woman. And she attempting to throw them off course as those characteristics really do describe her husband.

  7. Balding guy is hoping that the hulk leaning over him isn’t her husband, but some other rando. But the negative descriptions are making him realize he’s about to get thrashed. The hulking husband isn’t in any hurry; he’s enjoying watching balding coyote as he looks down and sees he’s past the cliff and about to fall.

  8. Old joke: A burglar working on a safe in a dim room hears a voice saying, “God is watching. God is always watching..” He nervously turns his flashlight and discovers a parrot.

    “I suppose you’re God,” laughs the burglar.

    “No,” replies the parrot. “I’m John the Baptist. God is the rottweiler right behind you.”

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