Rhymes With Licorice (Okay, not exactly, but really close; and if there’s one thing Icarus can appreciate, it’s “really close’)

Yesterday’s Rhymes With Orange:

rhymes licorice

I’m pretty sure anybody who knows who Icarus is know he wasn’t an angel — so I’m not sure where Ms. Piccolo was going with this.

And then today:

rubes icarus

Not the same day, granted, but really close; and if there’s one thing Icarus…


  1. And where is his half-brother Stephen Dedalus? Too busy going off to encounter for the millionth time the reality of experience and to forge in the smithy of his soul the uncreated conscience of his race, so he can’t spare a few days to rescue his half-brother Icarus Dedalus?

  2. The cartoon isn’t claiming that Icarus started out as an angel — he just became one in the afterlife. (And we all know how he got there…)

    He is still careless with his wings in the afterlife.

  3. There is a promo for “What we do in the Shadows” showing a vampire character in a drugstore noticing a display of sunscreen with the sign “Total protection from the sun”. After a brief moment of thought, he sweeps the entire shelf of product into his shopping basket.

  4. Both were good for a chuckle. For the second one, though, one has to ignore what sunscreen actually does and just take the word at its — well, what an alien might think it means.

  5. Angels are not dead people with wings. They are non-human creations of God. So another mythology fail.

  6. SingaporeBill – You’re absolutely right, but the idea of people dying and becoming angels is such a common trope (especially in comic strips) that it’s the least of this strip’s problems.

  7. Every single angel that I’ve encountered is a dead person with wings. As an atheist, I feel confident generalizing that to all angels.

  8. @Winter Wallaby: “Every single angel that I’ve encountered is a dead person with wings.”

    You don’t watch American League baseball?

  9. I generally don’t see the dead in heaven referred to as angels. They kind of look like them, but there’s generally a distinction made between the ones working there and the ones enjoying their “reward”.

  10. Mitch4, I had never heard of The Great Chain of Being until you got me to look it up. I did watch It’s a Wonderful Life, though (several times).

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