1. It’s a joke on “This if fine” dog. Who sits in his apartment engulfed in flames saying “this is fine” and “I’m satisfied with things exactly as they are” while flames engulf and ultimately burn him alive

  2. Except that unlike the referent this cafe is not on fire, but instead looks like a cozy Christmas time, with a nice cup of hot something while a gentle snow falls — yeah, that would be fine. So the flea doesn’t know it’s deadly flea powder, in which case the reference to that other cartoon makes not much sense — they’ve missed the point of it — or the flea does know and it is mirroring the other cartoon, only we the reader can’t know it until the last panel, because it looks like a nice cozy December snow cafe scene. Is the sudden realization that the flea is in fact recreating the famous cartoon and not sitting in a cozy cafe that we get with the last panel a clever enough unexpected juxtaposition to elicit a laugh response? Meh.

  3. Very famous comic? OMG, that is a horrible comic!

    Arthur, I don’t doubt your words here, but I’m rather amazed.

  4. “Arthur, I don’t doubt your words here, but I’m rather amazed.”

    The internet is no longer ours.

  5. Never saw or heard of the “very famous comic,” so this is an anti-geezer (rezeeg) reference for me.

    (And hey, you rotten flea kids, get off my dog!)

  6. “This is fine” has been a regular meme staple since 2013. In 2016, KC Green, who created it, put out an alternate ending: “This is not fine”.


    That was back when “they shot a gorilla” was an ultimate example of not-fine. Things have changed since then, and not for the better…

  7. I had never seen the “original” “This is Fine” strip before I saw woozy’s image and dysfunctional’s link, but I’ve noticed a number of parody/homage/reworked versions in the past few months. I’m sure that there are already some Covid-19 versions floating about, but none of them have flattered across my screen so far (and no, I don’t want to look).

  8. I thought the point was that the flea powder was like every can of flea powder I ever bought for my cat. No matter what brand, the fleas thrived on it.

  9. I’m 46, and I see “this is fine” dog all over my feed constantly.

    I mean, they’re maybe mostly posted by my younger-than-Millennial friends, but it’s important to have friends younger than you, or your brain ossifies.

  10. @jajizi – he’s in a pound/animal shelter. It’s mostly about the dogs interacting (plus a few wild birds), but there are occasional strips about them trying to get adopted.

    I’ve encountered ‘This is fine’ a good many times, in passing. I don’t think I recognized it here until the last panel, so this comic worked for me.

  11. I’m 46, and I’m a bit surprised at how many of you hadn’t seen the “This is fine” strip.

    Regarding the composition of the strip itself, I’m annoyed that the dog just says the punchline out loud, as if to tell the audience, “See? It’s flea powder. Get it? GET IT?” Surely there was a better way to convey the information than to just have the dog explain the joke. Maybe a close-up of the bottle that says Flea Powder on it or something.

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