1. Although this is a year-old comic, it’s certainly resonating with me right now. Our school shut down 5 weeks ago, and we’ve been doing remote learning for that whole time. The administration is monitoring everything we’re doing, and is constantly sending e-mails about how we can do things differently, or asking us to do more, or sending them data on what we’ve done, or whatever. Lots and lots of micro-managing going on.

    As for the joke a year ago, I think it’s just a play on “working from home”, which a lot of people are opting do to in this day and age. As this guy’s a manager, he’s not just working from home, he’s micro-managing from home. Managers! They’re annoying no matter where they are, eh?

  2. Mark M: What don’t they understand?

    Mitch4: I think it’s just a random choice of micromanaging the employee’s work activity. It could just as easily be “close that Word file,” or “minimize that Excel spreadsheet.”

  3. If the screen saver kicks in it’d be like drawing the curtains and the micromanager wouldn’t be able to see what’s going on.

  4. Back in the 90s I had a job preparing lesson materials for a local English language school in Brasil. I had a desk with a PC which was nominally “mine”, I was the main person to use this PC for my work. I spent some time setting the sizes and colors and whatnot to my preference, so I could work most efficiently. The owner of the school was the type who could not bear to lose control over these expensive modern machines, and he would go and reset the PC to either defaults, or his preferred settings whenever he came to the office. Mind you, he did not actually use this PC, he had his own, and there was precious little he did anyway, but it was his PC in that he owned the school and everything in it, and by gum, the settings on his PCs were going to be according to his liking! That his preferred settings were not the most conducive to optimal productivity, nor that my having to set the settings back to my preferred settings wasted a good half hour of my time (that he was paying for) every time he did it, were not considerations. He wanted his PCs to be beautiful and uniform and apparently decorative rather than functional. Which, as with so many of my experiences in Brasil, just exemplified what was and is wrong with Brasil…

  5. That’s just the corporate world. Middle-management types who contribute nothing of value lording their power over people who actually do something useful.

    My friend told me a story about being a computer programmer way back in the 80s. The company instituted a policy where they could come to the office, work at home, do whatever they wanted. Just come in for the weekly meeting and make sure you all hit your deadlines. He said the result was that everyone was more productive, getting more done and it was good code and they were all happy. After a while, the option to work at home was cancelled primarily because the office manager was lonely. Back in those days, the tools for this kind of micromanaging didn’t exist.

  6. I don’t have a camera on my computer – that would drive him crazy. (Laptop does as it came with hi – I am waving at all of you. – Actually I was kidding – the camera laptop camera is shut off.)

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