1. I’m waiting for one with “Employees must wash hands” sign, and a customer waiting for an employee to come by and wash his hands for him.

  2. Trousers should be white.

    As for the cybercrime comic, I’ve worked at an ISP (Internet service provider), covering online business as a magazine staffer, worked in fraud management for a bank, and now do a lot of work writing on cybersecurity again, so, quite familiar. This comic is WAY behind the times. Cybercrime has been the pursuit of organized gangs for…well, as long as there have been computers. I heard a fair amount about it 20 years ago, when I was at the magazine. At the bank, we were seeing it every day with credit card frauds and account compromise. Today, the gangs are experienced and staffed with very smart people. In many cases, they have state-sponsorship, so they have access to some serious tools. And just in case you were sleeping too well, the power grid, water, manufacturing, healthcare infrastructure, etc., is all woefully vulnerable to attack.

  3. Singapore Bill, they’re not suggesting that cyber crime is new. Just that in the interests of social distancing, they should change their own specialty.

  4. We’re just beginning to see the first of the mainstream strips dealing with the crisis. Non Sequitur and Lio has ones today.

  5. Will there be one of being hold for a credit card company on their “24 hour line” for an hour – between midnight and 1 am – as when one calls during the day one ends up in endless loop of not being able to reach anyone and rude computerized comments and being told call back later when calling between 2 pm through 10 pm – and then after being hold for that hour it announced on the line that one has to call back as the office is now closed – a 24 hour office closed?

    Called back again immediately and instantly got someone – there is an advantage to being a night person I guess. (Figured it might be a question that different actual offices are open at different times by location and one closed for its day and another is taking over.)

    (Timing problem with money – electric bill due this week – income coming in next week and we don’t want to go out and to the bank to juggle funds. Using a credit card we don’t normally use and don’t normally pay bills like this and did not want it rejected – now set to call and pay bill tomorrow.)

  6. I think so far only Lio and Non Sequitur have done strips on it of the mainstream ones I follow. They both had strips on the topic today.

  7. I don’t know if it’s on your list of the ones that might have lead-time issues, but “The K Chronicles” has caught up. The ” ” notation presumably was “social distancing”.

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