1. Blinky has it @1, but I wanted to add that it was probably a syndicate colorist who screwed up with the purple.

  2. Note that the gravel in the fish tank is also purple: the syndicate colorist got the joke and colored accordingly.

  3. I was relieved to understand that it was just the aquarium gravel. Is the implication that the skeleton beside him is also a decorative item from the pet supply store, but made outsize?

    Otherwise, I was starting to speculate on the cause of death, and where the flesh had gone. Was the stuff on the floor an excess of piranha or similar flesh-eating fish, and they had already dealt with the second person? Or was the layer on the floor actually his partially-dissolved and detached flesh, caused either by fish (as in the previous hypothesis) or maybe the flesh-dissolver potion he has been drinking from the big poison jug?

  4. Mitch4 — yes. Aquarium decorations can include little pirate wrecks with little pirate skeletons in them.

  5. Isn’t aquarium gravel usually purple? Purple and green must be the two most popular colors. And I think it looks enough like gravel.

    Basically the joke is he went a little overboard and decorated his entire apartment in aquarium theme.

  6. Since I’m working at home, I have considered pulling the Halloween skeletons out of the closet just so that I can feel like I have coworkers. (They count as coworkers because they appeared at work near Halloween when we were short-staffed, billed as the “Skeleton Crew”.)

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