1. I see it tagged as a CIDU, but nobody seems to be bothering to explain it (because it seems so obvious?), and I don’t get the headline…
    So anyway, just in case, Bill, the porcupine skin at the end isn’t selling, it’s been marked down a number of times — I guess it isn’t “so soft!”

  2. The “so soft” seemed as if it should be a punchline of some sort, hence the CIDU tag.

  3. I don’t think “So soft!” is meant to be a punchline. It’s part of the setup for the porcupine rug and its many markdowns.

    Bill’s headline is a mystery to me.

  4. I assumed that the headline was the reason Zeke is bald, here – he has his “rug” on sale.

  5. I agree that the marked down porkupine rug is the joke.
    The sort-of pun on “rug” as toupee is probably intentional also, but a tangent. (Yes, that’s the aspect I happened to comment on earlier.)

  6. I have never considered buying an “exotic” rug, but I would hope they take the head stuffing out.

  7. Nope – traditionally, an animal-skin rug has a stuffed head on it, with taxidermied eyes and fangs. Tiger, bear, lion, etc – the same ones that get taxidermied roaring and looking ferocious as statue-type objects. Less often things like zebras.

  8. I’m with Usual John. This is a headline IDU. I assume it’s a reference to some advertising slogan.

  9. I wonder why it says “ZEKE’S” at all, since it’s superfluous, and just “Exotic Furs” would be enough and more effective.

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