1. This is what people who’ve never seen a real salmon imagine when you tell them that salmon swim upstream?

  2. I’ve no doubt those cans really are going upstream, but after a moment I considered the possibility those cans are headed downstream after having been processed upstream. Fish swim up, canned fish are sent back down.

  3. Damn. I didn’t realize just posting that URL meant that the whole blinkin’ article would be transported here (“Ride a URL” ?). Apologies for the wasted bandwidth.

  4. Assuming the canning process was done correctly, canned salmon should be much safer than fresh/frozen, which can go wrong in many ways.

  5. @Shrug – Thanks! I was interested by the article, but kept thinking it would turn into the story. Even after following over to tumblr, it was unclear whether they put up the content.
    Also of tangential interest, WP handled the formatting of the tumblr import better than when we try to do HTML markup within the WP comment. See how nice the block quotes come out!

  6. The can do attitude explored in this comic is really inspirational. My only question is, as they get further upstream do the salmon get pinker in the can?

  7. Warning: Contains bear on fish violence

    Lived in British Columbia for a while. Driving past a river during spawning season stank as the carcasses of those salmon that made it up the river rotted after they reproduced and died.

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