1. (Morphology note)
    Even though we have back-formed the short “copter” as a word and to some extent a combining form, a little work with comparisons can make it clear that the accurate division is helico-pter, and that -pter- generally means “wing”. A pter(o)-dactyl has wings as fingers. The Lepido-ptera have a certain kind of wings (I looked it up to find out that type is “scaly”). Along with the helicopter there was a lesser-known kind of vehicle called the ornithopter, which as ornith(o)-pter appropriately had flapping wings like a bird.

  2. @ Bill – Perhaps you could implement a new “CBDNUETHEIPITH” tag for “Comic Bill Did Not Understand, Even Though He Explained It Perfectly In The Headline“?

  3. Not so complicated. The drone flies… like a bird. Birds poop on you so it’d be annoying (and presumably the cartoonist thinks funny) if it poops on you…. like a bird.

    That the drone thinks it’s something else and that something else has a pun name that sounds like “bird” is not necessary.

  4. Kilby, that’s basically what the question marks say: I do have AN explanation, but I don’t really care for it so I hope I’m wrong (or, if you will, IDHAEBIDRCFISIHIW)

  5. @ Bill – Your “guesses” are almost always frightfully accurate, and need no further elaboration.

  6. Apologies if I’ve said this before, but LIO always makes me think of what Calvin would be like if his parents were seriously abusive.

  7. Honestly, if anybody gets abused, it’s Lio’s father.

    (and it couldn’t be “abusive parents” in any case, because his mother has passed)

  8. Brian: From my reading (not personal experience, thankfully) I understand that children of abuse tend toward wild behaviors like LIO, especially involving gore and such.
    CIDU Bill: And doesn’t that explain what happened to his mother? OK, yeah, his father doesn’t seem like the abuser. Maybe she’s the one, has been institutionalized.

    (Yes, it’s entirely possible I’m reading WAYYYYY too much into this!)

  9. Also, for those who remember “Something about Mary”, his spikey hair shows that a certain form of abuse is still being practiced upon him!

  10. While waiting for the other to come out of moderation, the hair seems to be genetic. Dad has the same spike.

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