1. I concur it’s probably some incarnation Eddie. We have no idea if it’s THAT Eddie, maybe there was a hospital mixup, or Uncle Werewolf Whoever extended the family tree. As for why he’s being carried, no idea what his age is, I seem to remember Herman carrying Eddie around or holding him for their “talks.” My daughter is 6 and I was holding her at the doctor’s right before all this C19 business. Now she’d probably have to hold ME

  2. “Is this supposed to be Eddie Munster?”

    I….. don’t know.

    It looks too much like him to say not. But it works just as well, even better actually, if it isn’t.

    If it is then Wayno simply doesn’t know much about the Munsters but doesn’t think that matters.

    I’m going to say no. As a cartoonist he knows people will nitpick when he gets Eddie Munster’s mother wrong so he’d have to google that and that should tell him the Eddie Munster was a *werewolf*. I’m going to go his just and infant who looks like a golden age version of Dracula except….. that sure *is* an Eddie Munster suit. (Dracula would have a cape and heraldry pins).

    Okay, yes.

  3. I thought Eddie Munster was a werewolf, so that crucifixes, sunlight, garlic, etc would have no effect on him. On the other hand, that doctor has an enormous brain, so he must know his stuff.

  4. I think the dialog bubble clearly indicates that the intent was “toddler vampire joke”. If you draw any youthful version of a “standard” vampire, the end result is always going to resemble Eddie Munster, but I don’t really think that was the intent. The mom is blond because that is a clearest indication that she is definitely not a vampire (brunette or redhead might have worked, too, but not as clearly). If Wayno had intentionally targeted Eddie+Marilyn, then her hair would have been shorter.

  5. P.S. There’s a “non-standard” counter-example in the “Hotel Transylvania” movies, in which the father of the “kid vampire” is a “normal” redhead, and the mother is the “standard vampire”. The primary distinguishing characteristic (when not in “bat” form) are the kid’s fangs, he retains his father’s curly red hair.

  6. The way he’s drawn. He looks awfully tall for a toddler.

    And if he’s not supposed to be Eddie, why is he wearing Eddie’s bow tie?

  7. He’s just some random vampire toddler, not necessarily a Munster specifically, and he’s being carried because it’s stressful to be a doctor’s office, so it’s comforting to be held by a parent, even if you don’t strictly speaking need to be.

  8. Piraro’s remark on his blog:
    “…And you’re going to want to keep him away from the pets when it’s getting close to mealtime.”

  9. Considering when The Munsters aired, I’m going to go with this is Eddie’s grandchild. As for the garlic, sunlight, etc., we know that Eddie’s grandfather (Vladimir Dracula, Count of Transylvania aka “Grampa”) is a vampire, so perhaps he passed on some of his, shall we say, allergies.

    All that being said, he looks very upright for a child being held by an adult; no bend at the hip or knee. Are we sure this isn’t a ventriloquist’s dummy?

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