1. I think this one appeared before, probably before comicgeddon. But even if it did, I have no ideas.

  2. It’s funny because he forgot the key idea behind camouflage is to blend into the surroundings. While a fog may blend in in London or San Francisco (at least some of the time), a dense little “fog bank” about the size of a man is going to very noticeable sauntering into a cinema. It’s like dressing in red so you can go hand out with the Crips.

  3. I agree with Arthur, this is definitely a repeat, and since it does not show up in the current CIDU tag list for “Mutt & Jeff”, it must have been before the meltdown. It’s just another irritating example of a cheap (and incompetent) recoloration of what might have been an acceptable gag in monochrome. The twit whom the Beaumonts hired to “refurbish” Fischer’s original drawing has colored the “fog” suit in green, rather than leaving it gray, so Mutt looks like a very conspicuous bush, rather than the innocuous “cloud of smoke” that was intended.
    P.S. The joke (such as it is) is that Jeff’s “painted suit” costume was more successful, he looks like he will be able to get into the theater by tagging along right behind the lady in red. Given the way that the Beaumonts have hacked up all these strips, I would not be surprised if the original drawing included a sixth panel, showing Jeff actually getting into the building.

  4. Look at Jeff’s sight line. The point of his camouflage is to permit him to stalk and ogle attractive women at close range. There’s nothing at all to indicate he’s trying to get into the theater.

  5. Agree with the colouring and yes, I have seen this comic here before.
    As far as I understand it, the “joke” seems to be, that he cannot get into the movie theater, because he can be seen quite easily, but once he’s lying at the curb with a strange suite on, everyone else will not notice him at all. Of course, it’s willfull ingnorance and not his camouflage, but his suite still “works” as described, but not as intended.

  6. In the 2nd and 3rd panel the fog suit doesn’t work at all, but in the 4th panel it works perfectly on Mutt because Mutt is stalking/ogling a woman down the street.

  7. I’m pretty sure an almost identical Wizard of Id appeared as a pre-Comicgeddon CIDU — but I wouldn’t rule out a Mutt and Jeff as well.

  8. @Brian R I’m thinking you might not know that Mutt is the tall one. Not all mutts are “little mutt”s.:-)

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