1. I had to look the first and third ones up. (I didn’t even know Jason was married [and Medea’s clothing didn’t scream “Ancient Greece” to me]!)

    I’m still not sure I get the Cornered either. Is it a pun on something?

  2. Powers, the Cornered is playing off of, not exactly a saying, but a phrasing from war movies (or real combat situations) where a recaptured area needs to be “swept for land mines” before you can have people traverse it.

  3. (And in the picture we see that, as Grandma’s place had not been swept, there are indeed several uncleared land lines waiting to surprise the unwary.)

  4. A pedant writes: Medea would have been Georgian. Jason picked her up in Colchis which is on the eastern shore of the Black Sea.
    And what’s wrong with mushrooms for breakfast?

  5. I wouldn’t want to have a bowlful of mushrooms for breakfast, like a bowl of cereal. But as part of an omelet, cooked along with other savory ingredients, certainly!

  6. Like sweeping for “Bugs” Grandma’s house has only many landlines. Because Grandma= old tech.

  7. And the ^@$#! squirrel? “Oui, oui”? What, wee-wee? Or is it just champignon is a French word, see? French? Oui? That’s French! Get it? French!

  8. I imagine the Medea image is based on this from J.W. Waterhaus

    Its a great pun but either you know the story or you don’t. If you don’t but have heard of “Medea” I’m not sure what more Wayno could have done but this is IMO well done. One gets the pun and one can surmise Medea was known for vengeance….

  9. Because of the recent panic buying, going to the store to buy a box of Wheaties is more truffle than it’s worth.

  10. Mostly off topic – but the Hilburn reminded me –

    Last Saturday night, despite the independent (as opposed to chain) movie theater sending out an email that they were extending the time between shows to sanitize the theaters, especially seats and arm rest, as well as to clean/sanitize the bathrooms and food counter each show, we decided that even movie crazy people like us should not go to the movies right now. We settled into the kitchen to watch a movie – I had planned on the living room (our big TV is there – 25 inch analog from the 1980s) and a DVD from our more than extensive collection, but he picked the kitchen TV and Roku (and yes, the living room has Roku also.

    We spent well over half an hour looking for movie – preferably a comedy right now – that we had not seen and did not like assorted movies we saw listed. Then on 2 lists we saw the same movie listed,, a favorite – and decided to watch that.

    If you have not seen “Leap of Faith” with Steve Martin – it is a wonderful movie. Liam Neeson, Debra Winger, and Meat Loaf are also in it along with some other big names. Steve Martin is a con man preacher with a large employee traveling ministry. They are on their way to a city for him to preach, but they have a truck breakdown and are stuck in a small town and decide that they have to setup there as they have big expenses. While Steve Martin uses his general craziness in it, it s a not a big comedy – but a good movie. Beyond that I will not say.

    If we had watched it in the DVD we have of it though -we would not have been stuck with 5 commercials every 10 minutes sometimes all 5 being the same one. (Yes, know that one can pay and avoid the commercials, but looking to save money with the Roku.)

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