1. It’s a riff on The Raven. The name of company is a riff on Edgar Allen Poe. It’s a long way to go and there is not much there.

  2. Oh, that’s better. I at first thought it was going for equivalent of “how many different ways is -ough- pronounced in English” — but failing badly because after “flower” and “mower” are different you don’t get more.

  3. SBill, October.

    Of course it might have appeared in October as a rerun, original publication date unknown.

  4. Never would have occurred to me that was a raven on the fence if not for the poem. It’s too small, and ravens have a beard-like tuft of feathers on their throats. Yes, I’m a biology nitpicker.

  5. @ beckoningchasm – The usher is not in the scene because he’s trapped inside a dilapidated house.

  6. This is, I guess the fall at the House of Usher.

    So rather than a single joke, this is a “Find all the Poe references” challenge. Which isn’t bad.

  7. So, I noticed in order.

    1) The guys speaking in rhyme…. so the joke is this is a rhyme??? Why is this funny?

    2) Is Flower supposed to rhyme with Blower and mower? I went over this seven times and never really reached a conclusion.

    2) The name is reference to Edgar Allan Poe so… Poe is a poet and this stands in for a generic poet and … the joke is a … still that this is a rhyme…. It can’t be a pun on “Edgar Al Land Pro” as that’s not natural and makes as much sense as making about baking and Berkeley, California but saying Bagelrey, Cali Furnace. So the joke is a rhyme.

    3) The tree looks like Poe and there is a Raven on the fence…. So the joke is that the dialog is a rhyme and apparently, even though this is a Dr. Seuss like rhyme Edgar Allan Poe is apparently the only poet the cartoonist assumes anyone has ever heard of….?

    Z) I absolutely would *never* have noticed that “Never Mower” is supposed to sound like “Nevermore”

    But Bob has it. that is the joke.

    “The rhyming couplet has the same cadence as The Raven”

    And just about every other poem. Had to say it aloud to get it. Needs one more line and content of *adjectives* not *nouns* to seem Raven like. Seems more like Dr. Seuss to me.

  8. A thought the tee shirt arm pit was the letter “Y” for an Edgary Al Land Pro so a pun on garden edging as … Edge-ary?

  9. I didn’t get “Never mower/nevermore” on my own, but once it was pointed out, I rather like it.

  10. “Quick to raking, never mower” might have suggested the Raven better, although it probably still needs some work.

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