1. They replaced his lungs with an accordion. Now every time he breathes, he plays music. Accordion music is frequently used in Polka. Thus he became a legend to polka fans.

    I don’t think the name Renfrew is significant. Could just have been Smith or Fonebone.

  2. I don’t think it even necessarily means that people can hear music when he breathes. It’s just that he literally breathes music — the accordion music is literally part of him, deep in his body. And so he becomes a great polka legend.

  3. He has such a passion for the accordion that he eats, sleeps, and breathes the accordion.

    Well, at least the “breathes” part.

  4. The poor schmuck has idiot parents who gave him an impossibly stupid name, and even then, people still can‘t keep his Rs straight.

  5. “I did an accordion-based promo

    Attempting to gain a promotion to Major.”

    Maybe major third?

  6. Ummm …
    He started off as an army sergeant, a STRAPping young man, where he would was known for his BELLOWS
    Became a pugilist, the SQUEEZE BOXer
    Then a psychiatrist, who would push everyone’s BUTTONS on KEY issues
    Was the inspiration for Darth Vader
    Spends his time in WEIRD ALleys
    Married a Lady of Spain (avoiding a Hohner joke)
    Favorite food is whelks in a butter emulsion with bitter orange and Spanish chili powder

  7. Robert’s father was,as a hobby, a musician (for those who might know what I am talking about – he was one of the Long Island Mummers Band – copied from the Philly one). He played the piano (not with the Mummers) and, yes, the accordion.

    But I never heard him play “Lady of Spain”.

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