1. Nope, completely non idiomatic. Even if a corporation fails, it is not said to leave things to anyone, like a person dying is

  2. Huh. I distinctly remember Sanrio refusing to give HK a gender. I wonder what I’m actually remembering, since that apparently never happened.

  3. Carl Fink: Don’t feel bad, there are worse things to confess to than not knowing Hello Kitty’s backstory … like knowing it!

  4. Carl Fink: Perhaps you heard that “HK isn’t a cat” and turned it into “HK isn’t a girl”?

  5. I first learned that Hello Kitty wasn’t a cat right here. In the context, as I recall, of a MG&G comic.

  6. Kittychan is definitely a she, as indicated by the official Sanrio site. https://www.sanrio.com/categories/hello-kitty Whether she is a cat or not isn’t clearly stated there.

    This is, of course, a very poignant comic. Peters, eager to comment on social issues, has slipped social commentary past his editors. He is, of course commenting on the dangers of fame and fortune coming too fast to child stars, who often end tragically, like Anissa Jones, Corey Haim, Dana Plato, Todd Bridges, and Lindsay Lohan. That it is a “cute” character that we all know and love is his saying “Look, there is a person behind the character!” They dance, mug, and caper for our amusement, smiling through the pain and, after all that, after we lose interest, they are cast aside. If they live, such as Lohan or Amanda Bynes, they become punchlines and we laugh at their misfortune. Peters is screaming for your compassion. But we ignore it, the only ones capable of understanding what they’re going through being their peers. http://aminorconsideration.org/

  7. beckoningchasm, I’ve learned a LOT of stuff here over the years.

    Not a bit of it important, but that’s okay.

  8. Never mind…. I see you do. Just odd to see her at the end of a list of people who “end tragically”.

  9. Todd Bridges and Amanda Bynes are also alive (as of this writing). I think it’s a stretch to describe Lindsay Lohan as doing well. I hope she’s got things together and is off the drugs, but even if she is, there’s no denying she is a punchline and her suffering is something we laugh at.

  10. She is a little girl – not a cat per a show I saw about her – some years ago – why I watched is the least annoying method I have of picking a show to watch – that show was at that particular moment the least annoying one that was on.

    She also has an entire family and friends in her storyline.

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