1. King, queen, fool are three medieval ranks; king, queen, full are three bed ranks. I think the two groups of three make the pun worthwhile even if ‘fool’ doesn’t fit in too well. Pity he couldn’t fit (k)night in.

  2. Add a couple of knights leaning against a wall. Otherwise the same. Speech balloon says “I wouldn’t want you to make a rash decision. Why not take a knight to sleep on it?”

  3. This was like a delayed chile pepper reaction. I first thought “fool, bleh, ok”, then a few extra neurons kicked and and I got the ‘fool/full’ connection and smiled. Well done.

  4. According to comedian Steven Wright’s “I Have A Pony” album: “My girlfriend has a queen size bed and I have a court jester size bed. It’s red and green and it has bells on it. The ends curl up.”

  5. Many a castle maiden would curl up for siesta with a book. Some would just curl up with a page.

  6. “No one wants to settle for a serf-sized bed.”

    And for just the geezers:
    You also wouldn’t a similar-sized musical instrument: a serf-sized sax.

  7. No, the fool/full part makes it a better. There’s no “jack” sized bed or anything close to it.

  8. Bob Peters: ‘No one wants to settle for a serf-sized bed.’

    Make your own punchline kit:

    Something something ‘no padding for lowly churls’ something something ‘so we call it a serf board’, something.”

  9. There doesn’t need to be a jack bed size equivalent — the sudden lurch from, a, b, or nothing (jack) is a sudden unexpected twist, and then you can make the connection that this unexpected direction is in fact due if you are listing the the face cards of a deck (king, queen, jack). This can even be argued to be more funny because it is more unexpected than just trying to match bed sizes to cards based on puns — puns cause groans, not the laughs; well handled unexpectedness causes laughs.

  10. I took a safari to Serf City and all the inns had serf size beds. On the upside, there were two girls for every boy.

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