1. Oddly effective in evoking off-center nostalgia.
    I don’t know exactly why, but this sort of reminds me of BUSINESS CAT.

  2. Deering’s comics have never been the most polished items on the page, but they have gone downhill in the past few weeks. (On a positive not, they are not ugle, just “sketchy”.) However, he seems to have given up on coloring things entirely (one background hue does not count as “color”).

  3. I’m guessing Mitch4 is right. The sense of smell is of paramount importance to dogs, so it would make sense that it would be what they would reminisce about.

  4. The most effective movie tropes are the ones that are so ubiquitous you don’t even notice they exist. Such as “the executive in the window office” scene. In a movie the boss will in the middle of a business day, turn and look out the window and say to associate who is the only person high enough to substitute a personal relationship but not quite high enough that he actually has the liberty to actually *be* personal, and the executive will say “Remember when we did something they may have had a hint of humanity and a implies a slight sense we may be losing perspective of the real big picture in life” and the associate will say something to indicate that we will still be executives and that is a valid pursuit and what we need to do.

    So this is that scene…. but with dogs. Dogs will reminisce about weird smells.

  5. My wife and I independently had the same first off-the-wall thought on viewing this: That the weird smell was the first manifestation of COVID-19 (and that the caption is a translation).

  6. The other thing that an executive says when he stands up, turns around and goes to the window is “Someday, son, this will all be yours.”

  7. Good one!

    In one of the earliest issues of MAD that I saw in childhood there was a story on misleading movie previews. There would be a single panel with a scene suggesting high drama or excitement, then when repeated in the context of two or three more, would turn out to be not at all like that.
    The one this reminded me of was two military men looking at a still-smoking hole in the ground, evidently from a bomb blast, and the dialog was like “Sir, I’ve been to the front, and it’s curtains for sure!”. In the longer scene, a crew doing landscaping had dug the hole for a tree, and had poured in some fertilizer, with the dust still floating around. And inside the office the superior officer said to the other one “I can’t decide between curtains and venetian blinds for this picture window. Go up to the front of the office and see how this looks.”

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