1. The PmP is a genuinely laugh-aloud Ewwww.
    Btw, has his lettering style or font changed in the last couple months?
    Also, so they are traveling? And have gotten to somewhere with French signage (and fixtures). What then is the GATE sign for?

  2. It looks like the letters are being drawn on using a 69 cent stencil.

    (I’m betraying how long ago I was in elementary school. They’re probably $7 now.

    Okay, now I’m going to have to run out somewhere tomorrow and check)

  3. I wasn’t sure, but maybe it is something to do with the heavy weight lifting causing explosive evacuation at the rear end, like slamming your fist down on a toothpaste tube.

  4. Do French public loos have bidets in? I would have thought they were more a feature of a private house.

  5. @ Narmitaj – I seriously doubt it, but even if I’m wrong, I wouldn’t expect to see one in the men’s room.

  6. Also don’t get the weightlifter one. But in addition, wanted to compliment CDIUBill on his guess of the stencil price. According to that link, the actual answer is $7.99, not $7, but that’s still pretty darned close.

  7. I don’t think anybody gets the weightlifter one, or ever will.

    There should be a collection of CIDU’s that “retired undefeated”.

  8. I don’t get the weightlifter one, but that’s in part because I don’t want to even think about it.

  9. I remember the Spring/Summer when “Love Will Keep Us Together” came out and they played it INCESSANTLY. (Along with “Philadelphia Freedom”, “The Hustle”, and “My Eyes Adored You”.)

    They could have faded off with “Toe nails go click-clack” (Sedaka is back) or something.

  10. @Kilby: ” I seriously doubt it, but even if I’m wrong, I wouldn’t expect to see one in the men’s room.”

    Perhaps he’s getting in touch with his feminine side, but that’s not the usual “side.”

  11. I’m just as baffled as everyone else on the weightlifter one. In addition to the toilet there appears to be a urinal over to the right. Also, pretty much everyone has a disturbed look on their face. So many clues, so little meaning.

  12. @ Mike – The object on the right is not a urinal, that’s the bowl of powdered chalk that lifters use on their hands to improve their grip. There’s normally one or two of them at the back of the stage (near the stairs, as shown here) at any top-level competition.
    P.S. I think narmitaj explained what the cartoonist intended, but nobody here is willing to accept that this is the answer, simply because it’s not funny. Give up, people, there isn’t anything else that is going to turn that panel into a joke.

  13. The urinal thing is for hand chalk. The “joke” is that the lifter is about to poo like a firehose from his effort.

  14. P.S. @ Catlover – Perhaps that’s the reason why I always loathed that duo. I certainly don’t know any of their songs well enough to recognize whether the parody in the comic is “good” or not (as LF said @1). The text seemed pretty repulsive to me, but that’s what I felt about the original versions too, so it’s not a definitive indication.

  15. My 14 year old son looked over my shoulder and laughed out loud at the weightlifter joke, if that’s any clue.

  16. No, public toilets don’t have bidets: it would be rather indecent. But bidets are not meant just for women. At the sink, you can wash the top half of your body, at the bidet, the lower half.
    I’m baffled by the “gate” sign above the door, it should say either “WC” or “toilettes”.

  17. I thought that the “gate” sign was a misplaced attempt to make this look like an airport, explaining the presence of all the luggage.

  18. Thank you Singapore Bill. I thought I was going to have to be the one to explain it. In fact, it’s so horrifying I’m not even going to click on the link to see if we have the same explanation. Your warning tells me that we do.

  19. Oh, wait….I just read the text in your link. I don’t think we have the same explanation. Ok, get ready for some body horror. Google “weightlifting sphincter accident” or “weightlifter prolapse”. Let’s see if this comment is allowed to post. LOL

  20. @Kilby, yes, that’s what I also actually thought to interpret “GATE”. But to make it not so dull, I pretended to myself that it must be “Gateau” with some letters blocked from view.

  21. tygalilee, I am familiar with that incident. However, in that case, one would need a surgeon, not a toilet.

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