1. You seem to understand it fin. You just don’t like it. I’m inclined to agree with you. It’s working very hard to try to make the connection, but even if you do “get it”, it’s not funny enough to justify the work involved.

    Bonus gripe: That the dog had to be coloured grey and given glasses and a bow tie so we’ll know it’s old indicates how weak the connection is.

  2. I guess it’s that, sometimes, a “new” version of an old favorite doesn’t hit the right spot. The enjoyment of food is memory-based, rooted in nostalgia, rather than flavor-based.

  3. On my last visit back home, I brought back four or five boxes of “American” cereals that are not available in Germany(*). The results of the “memory and nostalgia” tests were decidedly mixed. Captain Crunch seemed about the same as the way I remembered it, except that the pieces seemed smaller (since I’m no longer a kid). The funny thing was that one of my kids has rejected all the ones we’ve tried so far as being “too sweet”. That’s what I get for trying to do them a f(l)avor.
    P.S. (*) – After I came back I realized that I should have looked for them online first, but I need not have worried. Yes, you can buy a box of Captain Crunch here from a mercenary third-party merchant on Amazon, but it would cost an utterly insame amount of money (€22 – €28 Euros, or about $25 – $30) for one box.

  4. @ Blinky – I’m another fan of the line that Mitch4 quoted, but looking for the “original” source was a bad mistake. Sort of like the “memory” effect for cereals, I remembered the joke as being a moderate setup for a big payoff. Unfortunately, there are probably now dozens, if not hundreds of versions distributed all over the Internet, but every single one I looked at was poorly written, far too clumsy and elaborate, utterly ruining the effect of that one crisp last line.
    P.S. I suppose I could try to write a better one myself, but that would almost certainly produce just another piece of crap, just like all the “improved” versions that all those amateur comedians have already attempted.

  5. Well, perhaps this was inspired by a box of new Trix. They recently changed Trix. Instead of being just a brightly colored Kix, each piece looks more like a conglomeration of little pieces. But they are calling it “Classic Trix” because it’s the same as the version they put out in the 1990’s. Supposedly they are bringing back the flavors of the time too, so perhaps it doesn’t taste quite right to some people.

  6. @ MiB – On Saturday I checked how much my American “import” cereals were left: just one box had yet to be opened, and by coincidence it happened to be “classic” Trix. The “new” shapes were mentioned in large letters, but the word “classic” was hidden in small letters just above the name. I don’t remember ever eating them as a kid, so I can’t “compare”, but the votes from my kids were the same as for the others: one “top”, one “flop”. For myself, I thought Trix was boring, and I wouldn’t bother getting another box. (I probably would take a box of Captain Crunch, if the opportunity happens to come up.)

  7. The concept of “Classic Trix” meaning “the way Trix was in the 90s” is very troubling to me.

  8. For trashy cold cereals, I like Captain Crunch with Crunchberries. I have not had it in quite some time. I mostly have Honey Bunches of Oats (which is reasonably trashy) with banana, or bran flakes with raisins.

  9. I realized a few years ago that I had not had a cereal for breakfast in several years, so I bought — something? maybe it was Raisin Bran? Maybe not.

    I tried a bowl of whatever it was and decided that this was indeed why I’d concentrated on toast and eggs and breakfast meat for said several years.

    Afraid I have zero nostaliga for any cereal — I ate some as a kid (Cheerio’s, Wheaties, Shredded Wheat, and the usual, but never bonded with them.)

  10. At one time I enjoyed having a bowl of Grape Nuts with whole milk and sugar, when I was the earliest one awake in my family, riding my bike about a mile to the 7:30 shift at my Junior High.

    Present day me shudders at the idea of eating something which would scrape the enamel off my remaining natural teeth and break the crowns on the others. And do something unthinkable to my digestive tract.

  11. When I was a kid I liked Cheerios and Farina (cream of wheat). But, by the time I was in high school dad and I would get stuck finishing whatever cereals my younger sisters had demanded and did not finish the box.

    Guess what I eat for prebed snack that I will have as soon as Robert is ready for his (instant) grits – yes, Cheerios (okay, Walmart generic Cheerios) – I still eat like a child.

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