1. I bought some Girl Scout cookies from a neighbor family chatting on the street. But having no idea what Samoas are or why I might like them, I got some Lemon Ups.

  2. re “What’s with those Samoans?:

    They don’t have a Rhinoceros Party as Canada does or a Monster Raving Loony Party as England does, so they have to make do with the choices available.

  3. Mitch4 – Samoas came along after I stopped being a Girl Scout as there was no Cadet aged troop in my area (and the last year I was Junior I knew more than the adult troop leaders did about what we were suppose to so – and of course, I was the dues monitor as I am always treasurer of everything I am in.

    I was a chocolate mint fanatic myself. I was not allowed to go door to door selling the cookies – and back then we took orders and then delivered them a month or so later when they were delivered. I was only allowed to sell to my grandmothers and aunts. My mom’s mother would always order the shortbread cookies – but she did not eat cookies (Diabetic) and got them for me and *then only one) my sister – I always wondered why she never asked which cookie we liked.

    My youngest sister did well when she was selling the cookies – I was in college and brought her on campus to sell to those I knew – including in some of the offices on campus.

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