1. I read Arlo in my daily paper and occasionally don’t get the joke. In today’s paper, the word balloon was totally blank which totally confused me. Glad to see there was supposed to be something there.

  2. Reading this strip in today’s paper, I was puzzled that the word balloon was completely blank. At least I now know there was a joke in today’s strip.

  3. I have plenty of friends for whom a March Forth hike on 03/04 is a long–standing tradition.

  4. There’s actually a tradition among those who study ancient Greek that today is “exelauno” day, as that verb means “march forth.”

  5. A couple of years ago March 4 fell on Sunday. I was a choir director at the time, and at the rehearsal on the previous Thursday I had the choir sing through the ancient hymn “Ho! Army of Endeavors.” I wanted to use it as the anthem on Sunday March 4, but the pastor didn’t like the “Church Militant” hymns (like Onward Christian Soldiers) and frankly, neither did I. It wasn’t really in keeping with the general attitude of our church. Anyway, here are the words:
    Ho! Army of Endeavors,
    Your strength the times demand;
    Redemption waits your conquests,
    Obey your Lord’s commands.
    Rejoice! for God is with you,
    Strike hard the hosts of sin!
    March forth with courage ever,
    For yours it is to win!

    March forth, march forth,
    March forth with courage ever;
    March forth, march forth,
    March forth, march forth,
    For yours it is to win.

    At the rehearsal we sang it all the way through and there was no reaction from the choir. I had to point out the relevance of the words.

    Next chance to sing it is in 2030 I think.

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