1. Also took me a bit to get it this morning, but: today in the U.S. is “Super Tuesday” when a gazillion states hold their presidential primary elections, all on the same day. So Arlo figures if Super Bowl day was a spectator sport excuse for pigging out while watching endless TV coverage, Super Tuesday day should justify the same perks.

  2. Any excuse for a party, I guess.Lots of people watch the results come in during the evening. I’ve never found watching election results all evening worthwhile, myself. All those endless repeats of guesses and projections to fill up the time. The next morning is plenty soon enough for me to find out the results.

  3. 🙂 A few hundreds is already tiresome, I wouldn’t survive counting the whole.
    I live in an average place: the local result is usually not very different from the global result.
    If I’m still interested in getting the precise results, I’ll check the newspaper one week later at the local library.

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