1. You can buy nesting suitcases but I’ve never seen more than 4. This security guy has gotten to the 7th and who knows how many more there are.

    An occasional gag in 1930’s animated cartoons is a door, and you open it and behind it is another door, and another and another …

  2. Why would you travel with them nested, unless you’re planning on carying back a few kilos of cocaine on your return trip?

  3. B.A. – Shopping. I went on a trip to Mexico with a friend while in college – I went for sightseeing, culture and history – she went to shop.

  4. Meryl, same principle, isn’t it?

    I would look askance at anybody going down to Mexico with a lot of empty suitcases.

  5. On the nesting suitcase question, I bought a set of luggage for my last trip (the first in many years) that has three bags that will all fit in each other. The first two are sized as to be checked. The third is sized to qualify as cabin baggage on most (though of course not all, because where’s the fun in that?). I took my trip with just two of the bags, the largest and the cabin-sized. I needed both because I was taking a number of gifts for people with me. On the way back, I had the little one stuffed in the big one along with my clothing and anything else that I didn’t need in the cabin. The funny thing is, I actually had a luggage allowance of two checked bags, but I didn’t take the two big ones because I figured they would be difficult to travel around with on foot and on trains.

  6. We used to travel with suitcases. At first I could go away for a weekend using my briefcase as suitcase. Additional suitcases got added by us. When last we traveled with same – I had a smallish soft suitcase with a shoulder strap and my laptop with same. I also had my day back pack for when we were out (mostly for things he might need during the day.*) He had a suitcase on wheels and one for his shoes. We also had a wheeled back pack for snacks and plates and the like to use for same. Plus bags with books and I don’t know what else. We went from one suitcase each to my wearing and pulling 3-4 suitcases and his pulling 2 or 3 of them for a one night stay!

    When we were looking to buy the small RV we have he was terribly concerned where we would put our luggage when we unpacked. (I on the other hand was trying to figure out where we would store his shoes.) I thought about it and looked around and said “No luggage, laundry bags.” That is how we travel now. We each fill a laundry bag with clothes and they get unpacked into the “closet” (a cabinet that holds 12 hanging shirts – but we put in hanging shelves and each have 2). One laundry bag is stored out of the way under the “bed” and the other is used during the trip for, well, laundry. At the end of the trip the unworn clothes go into the second bag for the trip back into the house. If we go away for more than a week we bring a third laundry bag with the extra week’s clothing which is stored in a section under his side of the bed and in the middle of the trip that bag comes out and the first weeks laundry goes in its place.

    To call the RV cozy is to make it sound bigger than it is. Oh, his shoes – and mine – go in a cubby over the bed – not the most logical place normally, but we cannot reach really reach this cubby when we are out of bed and dressed (as won’t climb back on the bed with street clothes) so it works well for the shoes which do not need to be reached during the day.

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