1. Lio: so that’s how he gets that pointed hairdo. Much easier than combing. Though when the balloon goes away the static electricity will push it all apart again.
    Arno: ‘May I join you?’
    Aliens: Pretty standard joke, I’d think: everybody looking at their phones and not noticing their surroundings. Only with aliens instead of telephone poles to run into..
    ‘Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit….’: Wikipedia sez: ‘Lorem ipsum is a placeholder text commonly used to demonstrate the visual form of a document or a typeface without relying on meaningful content.’ When producing something that requires text, like an instruction book for a word processor, companies often use this Latinesque nonsense text, appropriate for ‘very early’ contexts.

  2. I find the way America has hopped around with the DST start and end dates extremely tiresome (especially since the net effect is a lot of bothersome work for no energy savings whatsoever). If the EU keeps its promise to get rid of DST entirely, that will at least solve half of my problem (on all the devices I have set to “German”), but since I still keep some things set to “US English”, I will be juggling the synchronization for the foreseeable future.

  3. @ Treesong – Just because the tag says “CIDU” does not mean these are CIDUs. The headline says “funnies”; I think Bill clicked on the wrong tag, and these were supposed to be “Not a CIDU”s.

  4. Yes, this is the regular Sunday morning LOL page and I indeed clicked the wrong box. In one sense the pre-Comicgeddon template was better because I had to type in each tag rather than accept or reject WordPreyss’s suggestions.

    And of course this would happen on one of the rare Sundays “LOL” wasn’t in the subject line.

  5. In one of the Our Gang movies it was revealed that Alfalfa got HIS hair spike using lard.

  6. @Kilby: “I find the way America has hopped around with the DST start and end dates extremely tiresome…”
    I didn’t know thet had changed. I do know that Canada changed to align up with the US a few years back, which screwed up this really cool clock radio that I have that would automatically set the time ahead or back on the (formerly) correct date. Now instead of leaving the clock alone year round, I have to reset the time 4 times per year.

  7. As a side note, one summer back in the 80s Newfoundland experimented with “Double Daylight Saving Time”: the clock went ahead 2 hours that spring. It didn’t go over well: Newfoundland businesses were now 1 more hour “further away” from the financial hub of central Canada/eastern seaboard US, and in the early fall it turned out to be really dangerous for kids in rural areas trying to walk to school in the dark along the Trans-Canada Highway and other routes.

  8. Paramount is in such disarray that they probably would release of movie with “Lorem Ipsum” still in the title card.

  9. The “information Booth” one is a total CIDU for me – absolutely no idea what the joke is at all.

  10. Was this the one where the plot summary was something about now being the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country? Or was this the animated feature about a quick brown fox jumping over some lazy sleeping dogs?

  11. @ lazurusjohn – In Europe, it is common for battery powered clocks to have a receiver that sets them automatically to a synchronizing signal, so the daylight saving time shifts happen automatically. Clock radios that use wall current tend to rely on the 50 hz cycle, and usually need to be reset manually.
    I don’t think the US has played with “double summer time” (as the UK did during WWII), but we did have one year with year-round summer time (during the oil crisis in the mid-70s). I remember going to school in complete darkness. However, the start and end dates have been shifted at least twice in recent years, most recently to mid March – beginning of November.

  12. P.S. Every time I look at that Liō strip, I cannot escape the fact that the compostion looks awkward. Just as a test, I took the entire image and flipped each of the last three panels horizontally. Flipping the third panel made him right-handed (which isn’t important *), but the most effective alteration was flipping the last panel, which allowed him to proceed forward, out of the strip, instead of walking back into the middle.
    P.P.S. Has there been any other evidence that suggests that Liō is usually left-handed?

  13. I guess it’s just the situation of the info booth that supposed to be funny, The young lady staffing the booth is reporting to the floor walker / supervisor that the customer gent said (asked) to her something inappropriate (personal).

  14. Oh, OK. I think I get it now; the guy in the booth is not supposed to be in the booth and the guy looking at them sternly is the lady’s boss inquiring as to what exactly is going on. Har har har.

    I had it in my mind that the guy in the booth was “Mr. Dexter” so none of it made sense.

  15. I have heard different explanations as to why we have Daylight Savings Time at all, and all of them are about how special interests really pushed it through. Often it was justified as being good for the farmers but in fact it is terrible for the farmers who have to try to get sleepy cows to give milk an hour early to get the milk delivered by the contracted time.

  16. Do not have a problem remembering when the clocks change in March – same day as our reenactment unit marches in the St Pat parade in our HQ’s township. (We owe them a certain number of events in exchange for annual stipend and free use of our HQ.) I have to wonder why they would pick that day for the parade – every year some group comes running up late as someone overslept. When I went to Hebrew School there was the same problem every year – students would show up late as their families realized it was clock change day at the last minute.

    Mark in Boston – I had always heard about the farmers also – and that never made sense – they could get up any time they wanted and go to work on their own farms and could set any hours or their employees to work.

    When Robert built me a Win 7 computer he put in a Win XP virtual machine for me as I have old software which will not work past XP. There had been an extension to how long daylight savings was in effect during the year that was not adjusted for in the XP version. My Lotus Organizer is on the XP side and appointments/reminders would be off from when they should be – Robert finally found an update to fix the problem.

    I have learned that people will go crazy if one tells them that it is not the actual time where they are that their watch/clocks says due to the time being the time at the center of the time zone and they are not there. (I like to discuss time – as in clocks – with people at events when I am not doing first person – amazing how little people know about time and clocks.)

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