1. An antic fishmonger named Neville
    Had a head you would hardly call level
    He said that his scrod
    Could be purchased by God
    But he’d promised his sole to the Devil

  2. Wow. Big Beatles fan for over fifty years, and big fan of puns for longer than that, and not until today, seeing it in this context, did I realize that the title RUBBER SOUL was supposed to be a pun.

    (It took me almost as long a year or so back to realize that the title HI AND LOIS incorporated a pun.)

    Shoot me now! (Or get Rocky Raccoon’s arch-enemy to do it.)

  3. It was also a play on the frequent criticism of the time regarding white artists suddenly performing music, and making money, from traditionally black music.

  4. John Lennon was very much into puns and Joycean word-play. He wrote two books, “In His Own Write” and “A Spaniard in the Works”. What we in the states call a monkey wrench, the British call a spanner.

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