1. It’s not a ref, it’s an umpire. And casting aspersions on the umpire’s eyesight is a fine old baseball tradition.

    “Damn Yankees” had baseball fans singing at their TVs: “You’re blind, ump! You’re blind, ump! You must be out of your mind, ump!” I vaguely recall an animated cartoon showing an umpire with a guide dog. A Peter Arno cartoon had an angry priest at a ball game, yelling “Thous hast eyes but seeth not!”

  2. I get it now.

    My first thought was that was a catcher for an opposing team, and he got beaned in the eye by the pitcher. But it didn’t quite work.

  3. “When I was a lad I could not see
    A hand held up in front of me.
    In spite of how I’d squint and peer,
    I couldn’t tell my father from my mother dear.
    My eyes were oh, so very, very weak
    That now I am an umpire in the National League.”

    – Fred Allen, to the tune of “When I Was A Lad.”

  4. There was a well-known umpire who retired. A sports reporter asked him if his life had changed in any way after retirement.
    The umpire said, “Well, when I’m in a restaurant, I can put on my glasses to read the menu.”

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