Saturday Evening LOYL. But…


Andréa submitted this as both an LOL and an Oy. And while I don’t disagree, I also think it’s a great idea. Not only do I think it’s a great idea, but a few years ago when my computer-whiz nephew needed to create a public service project, I suggested he teach older folk how to be computer-savvy. “Think about how we all have to help Grandma.”

Honestly, I don’t know whether he ever chose this project — he’s out in California, so I’m not really in the loop — but I bet Mr. Hilburn’s inspired name would have made a difference.


  1. There’s a similar project near me, though called IT For The Terrified. Started in Wedmore, where I live, and now is in Cheddar four miles away (where the cheese originated) .

    In the About Us piece it mentions The Kings of Wessex academy, a local school built on top of what was once the site of a hunting lodge established by actual kings of Wessex in the 9th century. Wessex was one of the heptarchy of kingdoms in England, along with East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Mercia, Northumbria and Sussex, before England was unified – basically by Wessex. Alfred the Great, king of Wessex, used to own Wedmore personally, and negotiated with the Danes here, apparently converting Guthrum, King of the Danish Vikings in the Danelaw, to Christianity. The village signs on the entrance roads carry the legend “878 Alfred The King At Wedmore Made Peace”.

    1,140 years later local oldies are struggling with computers.

  2. @ narmitaj – “…in Wedmore, where I live, and … in Cheddar four miles away…
    Oh heck, had I known, I would have dropped by on the way. 😉 I have no idea whether we drove through Wedmore (this was about a dozen years ago, before I started reading CIDU), but we did visit the one remaining cheese factory in Cheddar (which was probably largely supported by tourists). They were happy to ship our selections, so that we could enjoy them when we got back home.
    P.S. “…struggling with computers…“, not to mention grammar, such as in “…At Wedmore Made Peace“: I would think that “…Made Peace At Wedmore” would sound more like English, but perhaps they shifted the verb toward the end of the line in tribute to the Saxon origins of the language.

  3. Well, the “At Wedmore Made Peace” thing is a bit of border graphics round an image of Alfred. See with a pic and some more history and modern photos. By 878 apparently there were just four English kingdoms. “The Treaty of Wedmore” per se is sometimes disputed as no actual document survives.

    My former art college friend Mark White spent a period of time in I think the 1990s managing the Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, where each day you can see a cheesemaker make a fresh batch of cheddar, some of which then gets stored in the Cheddar Gorge caves for aging of up to 24 months . In the 1970s I had a summer holiday job at the Crump Way Cheese Factors in nearby Wells, which involved turning over 60lb truckles of cheese warehoused there from farmhouse cheesemakers all over Somerset and the West Country. It no longer exists, I guess every maker stores their own. I mentioned this last year to one cheese maker with a stall at a market in Frome and he said they now have a robot to turn their cheeses, called Tina (Tina Turner, geddit?).

    Walking round Cheddar Gorge is my main exercise (and a pool swim once a week or so). My routes are from 3.3 miles covering the top of both sides to nearly ten miles if I go to the trig point at the highest point of the Mendips (only just over 1000′ so no enormous peak). I did an 8.5 miler yesterday.

    Next time you’re in the area, let me know!

  4. My father just recently brought home some technical “For Dummies” books, but there were subtitled “For Seniors”. We were wondering if that was new.

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