1. My question on both of these (which I thought of when I submitted them, but didn’t write) . . . WHY would they want Earth at that point? Would they have become sentient enough to ‘fix’ the damage done to the planet? What would their purpose be if humankind were extinct?

    Oh, so many existential questions . . .

  2. Andréa: Why wouldn’t they want the Earth? It’s not like their are better, easily accessible planets. And humans haven’t ruined the planet for robots anyway – robots probably don’t care about clean drinking water.

    The first one doesn’t even refer to extinction, just taking over.

  3. I saw it the way Winter did: and a ruined Earth might even suit our Robot Overlords better than a clean one.

  4. The planet is full of salty water and getting warmer every day: I’d think the robots would prefer a dryer and colder climate (as mentioned in “Great sky river” by G. Benford).

  5. Without humans, the planet would probably clean itself within a … well, I was going to say ‘a generation’, but without humans what would that be?

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