1. The Monet really spoke to me, because I can never remember which is which.

    I was actually on the verge of keeping them straight in my mind until a few years ago when I came across a painting Manet did of Monet (or maybe it was a painting Monet did of Manet), and at that point my brain exploded and I knew I’d never get it right again.

  2. I’m Steiglitz. Who the hell is Steichen?
    I’m Gluyas Williams. Who the hell is J.R. Williams?
    I’m Peter Sellers. Who the hell is Peter Sellars?
    There are lots of them.

  3. Tracy makes an excellent point. Searching in YouTube for “Monet Manet” produces a series of introductions to their artwork, but my favorite comparison comes from “Ocean’s 11” (skip forward to the 1:00 minute mark).

  4. True, Mark — but in this case both of them are extremely famous, and arguably equally famous, in exactly the same field.

  5. Monet was the one who painted without wearing his glasses.

    Manet is the one who isn’t Monet.

    (Monet and I have the same birthday, incidentally. But I’m pretty sure that Manet also has a birthday. And there’s probably someone else who shares it.)

  6. @ B.A. – Tomorrow will be the 25th anniversary of the last original “Far Side”, so in addition to being old enough to vote, they can all run for a seat in the House of Representatives.

  7. Steichen and Steiglitz were equally famous and in the same field. Likewise the two Williams, although you’re more likely to confuse J.R. Williams (Out Our Way) with H.T. Webster (Caspar Milquetoast) than with Gluyas Williams (Robert Benchley’s illustrator). Sellers and Sellars have somewhat less overlap.

  8. There are two currently famous Michelle Williams – – I thought I knew of a third, but can’t identify her now. Just recently one announced her pregnancy and the other sent her a congratulatory message.

    Two famous Sharon Robinsons, and two more with some kind of public recognition. But Jackie Robinson’s daughter and the YA author are one and the same .

  9. Better late than never: that “Far Side” panel first appeared on Sat. 29-Aug-1981, so it’s already old enough (38 years, 4 months) to run for President.

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