1. He was reading a good book, with the soft glow of a night-mode reading app. Came to the end, happy; clicked on Email and is being blasted/blinded by a) the brightness of the screen and b) the awfulness that (stereotypically) is email.

    I’ve been there – reading or doing something else in a nicely dimmed app in near-dark, then went to check something else (Fitbit is another offender) and the white light blinded me for a while. Very unpleasant.

  2. Do you mean they make devices so stupid that you have to tell each app how bright to be? You don’t tell the *device* how bright to be and it takes care of everything?

  3. Some apps have a specific “night mode” that has dark background and light text. Even if the device is set to detect ambient light (which I tend to turn off as it gets more annoying than useful), the “night brightness” of an app without a dedicated night mode can still be pretty bright.

  4. My guess is it’s a Linux tablet, as my Android doesn’t have a “Barko” or “Mumbl” app on it…

  5. D Drazen saith: Someone watched “The Ring” too many times.

    This came as a notification in email, and I thought it must have come from a thread about the Crankshaft strip about light opera and heavy opera, with “The Ring” meaning Wagner’s gigantic 4-opera cycle, “The Ring of the Nibelungs”.

  6. BTW, Drupal is quite real. It’s a CMS (Content Management System) — that is, a web-building system which can reserve places where members of your organiization, or feeds from your media outlets, can appear in context online without a rebuild or constant intervention by admins or web developers. https://www.drupal.org/

    Which is not exactly “Droop” and “Snarpl” but belongs in the same world.

  7. What about ‘f.lux’ and ‘twilight’? They automagically do a red shift on my screen at a preset time, or at sundown if you prefer.

  8. I don’t think he was reading a book. That looks like the stereotypical “THE END” title from a classic B&W era film.

  9. @Grawlix – OK. I don’t watch movies much, and definitely not on my phone – but yeah, I can see it. In any case, using an app in night mode in dim/dark and switching to an app without is invariably painful.

  10. @Mitch4:
    “BTW, Drupal is quite real.” I don’t doubt it, but Linxu (any ****ux) always sounds like a Don Martin character

    Drupal, grep, pico, pico, bash


  11. Perhaps the cartoonist had read all the responses here about the reaction to the comic about the guy touching a lens with the thumb and thought “If I just draw a bright light it’d be too subtle; I’ll exaggerate (it is a cartoon after all) and show the light irradiating him and exposing the skull”.

    It’s the same joke as straining to hear the tv …. and then the comercial comes on and…..

    Had he done it as subtlely as the thumb on the lenses I probably wouldn’t have gotten it. As it is I found the irradiating skull too distracting (but I did get it eventually). Finding the right balance is hard but this time I’ll say it’s as much on the reader as it is on the cartoonist.

  12. Woozy – our problem is that the background music is louder than the dialog on TV and if one turns up the sound to hear the dialog – one is blaster by the background music.

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