1. I don’t think of these creators Piraro and Wayno as at all dumb or ignorant. So can anybody explain this without supposing these guys actually think the South Pole has a tropical beach climate??

  2. The Southern Hemisphere Santa would have worked, or maybe hide the polar reference by going with The Antipodal Santa, to preserve the “oh, oh, oh” joke…

  3. My parents grew up in the southern hemisphere; Santa Claus/Father Christmas still dressed as if for the cold even though Christmas was in mid-summer. The setting would go better with the even less known Equatorial Santa Claus, though. The intent is clearly “opposite Santa” as Danny Boy says in part 2 – green instead of red, dark beard instead of white, etc.

  4. My uncle used to talk of Anti Claus who lived at the East Pole. A few years later my sister retold the story but she changed it to the South Pole. I tried to correct her and she said mine made no sense because South is the opposite of North, not East. I tried to explain that East is funnier and very much a *better* opposite because an East Pole is oxymoronic and physically impossible. She just thought that made no sense and that if it’s the opposite it should be the South Pole.

    (I think East Pole was a 60s countercultural reference.)

    Anyway, Anticlaus would come up the toilets and steal stocking on Christmas eve eve (Dec 23) if you hung them too early… he was just making a joke; he didn’t expect us to remember it 45 years later.

  5. I didn’t read a bit of climate change thought into it. It’s more the “United States is the whole world,” type of thought. Being in the Northern Hemisphere, we Americans think of South as warmer and North as colder.

    I refrained from nit-picking that he looked more like the Equatorial Santa to me.

  6. “okay! part 2 … It’s just that everything is the reverse from what it is in our normal world. So instead of North Pole, Santa lives at South Pole. And instead of a polar climate, there is a tropical climate. And instead of “Ho ho ho” it’s “Oh oh oh”. And instead of being hard at work finishing up the toy manufacture and preparing delivery, he’s on vacation. ”

    Also he dresses in Green and has a black beard.

  7. Showing a design of deciduous trees instead of conifers would have been a nice touch. Perhaps the fuzzy thing at the end of his cap ought be cube-shaped, too. No ideas for the opposites of candy canes & snowman faces, though.

  8. Was it in the Winnie the Pooh books that someone goes to the North Pole, or at least finds what they think is the North Pole, and there’s some discussion of the South Pole, East Pole and West Pole?

  9. WAYNO sez: We realize that the Earth’s South Pole is located on Antarctica, and is even colder than the planet’s North Pole. Our character gained his saintly nickname based on behavior and wardrobe, rather than geographic location. He’s Santa’s polar opposite, so to speak.

  10. @ MiB – Your memory is correct. Christopher Robin leads the group on an “expotition” to find the North Pole (which they later decide must be the long stick that Pooh uses to fish Roo out of a stream). Later on there is a comment about a subsequent adventure by Pooh to look for the East Pole, but that’s all that is said about it. I don’t remember anything about South or West poles.

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