1. Mitch4 — the Bluetooth symbol is the H rune and B rune stuck over each other, for Harald Bluetooth, a 10th century king of Denmark. So it looks like a straight-line B with a couple extra sticks coming out of it.

  2. My comment is awaiting moderation, due to two links I guess. But to claim priority I say (without links) it is probably Free Solo, a 2018 docco about a chap in red shirt and black trousers who climbed up the 3,200ft El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without a rope. By any measure something very scary.

    And no doubt why Frazz is on a bookcase top.

  3. Oops, why Caulfield is on a bookcase top. Also, I noticed he has the same type of shoes as the climber.

  4. If Frazz is supposed to be Aquaman, why is his shirt blue and not orange? Is this a sweatshop daily colorist issue? But it seems Caulfield’s costume is primarily distinguishable by the red shirt, so… Mallet is coloring the dailies? Or he left a note about Caufiled’s shirt, but forgot to make a note for Frazz’? (And got lucky that common sense was applied to mrs. Durian’s? Or maybe Frazz got stuck with blue because Olsen’s pumpkin would be orange and you can’t have two characters in an orange shirt, and anyway, why is aquaman’s shirt orange?? Blue makes much more sense…)

  5. Maybe he’s a more generic merman, rather than Aquaman. Blue makes sense then, along with the trident.

  6. Narmitaj was right. I think the reason that Mallett delayed the “reveal” until Nov. 1st was simply that he had too many strips, and did not want to start the sequence before Monday.

  7. I agree with Kilby that the original was much better (though really easy). And narmitaj was correct about “Free Solo”. I was disappointed this year. Halloween was finally late enough in the week for Mallett to offer lots of clues, and he didn’t use the opportunity.

  8. Feminine form, “La belle noiseuse” , wonderful 1991 film by Jacques Rivette. The 4 hours includes scenes that are not quite literally “watching paint dry”. Wait, Translate claims that is just “Hazel”. Hmm, maybe I meant “L’effrontée” , 1985 film starring a young Charlotte Gainsbourg, and title rendered by Google as “The cheeky”

  9. @Mitch4: and you were right; a “noiseuse” is a woman looking for a quarrel (hence, Terence Feenstra is also right).

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