1. “He lost all his money” to her. So, she’s not the kind of woman he can scam out of her money.

  2. Well, “stole” may be a strong word — let’s say “acquired.”

    As to why Jeff left — I think he was seeing two possibilities. Either she’s after money alone, in which case he’d be wasting his time, or she would see something valuable in him other than money — and extract THAT. So… yeah. He’s got no reason to stick around.

    I thought it was unusually funny for a Mutt&Jeff myself.

  3. “presumably sleeps in an alleyway on the nights Mutt sleeps with Mrs. Mutt”
    Or a ménage à trois censored by the Wheeler Syndicate?

  4. the fourth panel is the rimshot; not the joke. The joke is the third panel that he lost his money to her an she left him because she couldn’t get any more from him. Jeff’s reaction is to be intimidated and scared so *rimshot* he leaves abruptly in a hurry.

  5. Presumably Jeff is trying to marry a girl for her money, but she makes it clear she knows all the tricks and he won’t get anything out of her.

  6. Interviewer to Miss Maples: “Now that Donald is broke, are you still in love with him?”
    Miss Maples: “Of course I still love him. I’m going to miss him, but I still love him.”

  7. I agree it’s funny. But I think the poor little fellow is intimidated by a woman smarter and more ambitious than he.

    Also, surprised the smoking isn’t censored out.

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