1. Because barking is a sign to be alarmed, or answer the doorbell.

    Ironically enough, we’re having a roof taken off and new one put on. Five dogs – quite a bit of barking. I’m glad it’s only once every 20 years!

  2. Yes, but. This is the Kevin & Kell universe, where there has been shuffling of predator and prey roles, and characters who are hybrid or cross-identify.

  3. Familiarity.

    Squirrels are used to dogs barking at them from behind the windows and screen doors. The dogs go utterly nuts and the squirrels…. don’t care.

    Although it’s a bit of a stretch to say they *like* it… but license…..

  4. Oh… how does the world know a squirrel is coming? By the sound of barking. So how a squirrel know when another squirrel is arriving? By hearing barking.

  5. Squirrels are the stupidest creatures on earth. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been driving along, a squirrel dashes 90% across the road, then DARTS BACK to the original side, barely making it.

    I don’t understand how the species survives.

  6. beckoningchasm: Which is why when Jimmy Johnson turned Arlo, Janis and Gene into squirrels, Squirrel Janis told Squirrel Gene: “Remember to run both ways whenever you cross the street.”

  7. Actually I think I’ve seen squirrel evolution in action. When we first moved into the home I grew up in, there were hardly any squirrels. The squirrel population slowly grew as I grew up, and then it was noticeable for how many squirrel carcases were evident on the road, and how stupid the squirrels were. Around that time I remember thinking that this was an obvious opportunity to try and observe evolution in action that the dumber squirrels would be run over, and the survivors would be those that figure out (or actually instinctively have) a slightly better road crossing technique. And indeed (though it may be confirmation bias), there are very few squirrel carcases on those roads now, and the squirrels are not nearly as stupid as they used to be, you don’t have to work nearly as hard to not run them over. I would say the survivors have figured out to run to the closer side of the street, you hardly see the run 90% across and then run back behavior much any more.

  8. “Actually I think I’ve seen squirrel evolution in action. ”

    Another explanation is that whatever carrion-consumer species you have locally learned to patrol the roadways, and quickly collect slow squirrel carcasses.
    In the Northwest, the sea lions have learned that if the find the rivers, and swim upstream,, there’s a gigantic harvest of salmon who didn’t understand hydro-electric power generation and try to swim through the turbine, right below the dam

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