1. I think you’re a day behind, Mitch4: Woozy’s the one banned today.

    I had a math teacher in middle school who seemed to choose a different student every few days to put on his sh-t list. No particular reason anybody could figure out. Weird guy, but I wonder whether he’s working for WordPress now.

  2. Okay, did my last comment go into moderation because I wrote “sh-t” (with the hyphen), or because I mentioned W–zy’s name?

  3. Don’t try overth*nking it.

    (Dang! It amuses me that “overth*nking” (but not “overthink”) causes moderation.)

  4. My message was moderated for using the word “overth*nking”. And now because too many of my posts were moderated I seem to be in permanent moderation.

  5. lazarusjohn, the Moderation filter was going nuts, and everybody was trying to figure out rhyme or reason, which made the Moderation filter laugh so hard, milk shot out of its nose.

    Actually, the filter has been a bit out of control the past few weeks, not only shoving an unusual number of innocent comments into Moderation Limbo, but also throwing a lot of them into the Spam and Trash folders. That’s bad, because those folders are packed with ACTUAL spam and trash, which means I have to go dumpster diving to look for comments.

    On top of that, apparently a couple of Beckoningchasm’s comments that already WERE successfully posted subsequently disappeared. I don’t know how that’s even possible.

    So… weird times in CIDUland.

  6. For a while the phrase “overthinking it” consistently put things in moderation. I thought that was interesting.

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