1. The previous strip seems to show the crops growing in rows by type. Bird poop is not the likeliest reason for that. Plus, of course, the goat wants to find fault in the rodent’s doings.

  2. I got a sunflower crop one year from this reason… the birds were perched on the gutter rather than a wire, but I did get a neat row of unexpected plants.

  3. Arthur – I noticed that logical inconsistency when I read it originally too, and had some major suspension of disbelief issues there. (That and the fact that the plants should be all different ages).

    Powers – I read the second one as that there was a specific location set up for the birds, which happened to be right over Tyler’s garden.

  4. 1). The “of course” in the second strip implies they knew but just didn’t think of it at the time.

    2). Are you claiming reading the newspaper in the bathroom might qualify for geezer recognition? Or am I missing something.

  5. @woozy: I presume the implication is that reading a (gasp!) old-fashioned, paper hardcopy newspaper *at all* is a geezer thing. (I am, of course, a proud geezer.)

  6. The ongoing plot is that the goat kid is racist against mice, and has been trying to prove the mouse kid is a thief like “all his kind” all summer. So, the mouse having plants growing that he didn’t officially have seeds for was seen as proof of thievery by the goat.

    It only happened to the mouse because his plot was directly under the pooping rope. And apparently the birds are very orderly eaters, because each of his rows (seen a day earlier than the strips shown) is one type of plant….

    (This whole camp plot is requiring more than the usual amount of suspension of disbelief, and accepting that the people running the camp are almost criminally negligent.)

  7. It could be that the goat told the birds to go there, thinking that (a) the guano would have no seeds and (b) somehow it would ruin the plants rather than fertilize them.

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