1. “And… sometimes I just don’t have time to come up with a subject line.”
    Try “Saturday Morning Oy – March 30, 2019”

  2. 1) “La Cosa Nostra,” Italian for “This thing of ours,” is another term for the mafia; “Nostradamus” was a French writer whose works have a modern reputation for containing prophecy; a famous scene in “The Godfather” involved murdering a horse and placing its head in the bed of a man who’d run afoul of the mob. Hence, while Nostradamus prophesied future events, if there was a COSA NOSTRA Damus, they’d predict horse-head crimes.

    2) “The chickens coming home to ROOST” is an old euphemism suggesting a phenomenon similar to Karma; French author Marcel Proust wrote the seven-volume “Remembrance of Things Past,” the first volume of which was “Swann’s Way.” Hence, a labored pun.

    3) Abbott & Costello performed the iconic baseball comedy sketch “Who’s On First;” in the drawing, first base is occupied by a TARDIS, a space-and-time vehicle used by the British science-fiction hero Doctor Who. Hence, Who is on first.

  3. I understand the connection between “Cosa Nostra” (or rather “The Godfather“) and the “horse head”, but I don’t see the link to “Damas”, nor why it would be an “Oy”.

  4. “Damas” comes from “Nostradamus,” but is misspelled; for my money the words could be run together to make “Cosa Nostradamus.”

  5. “but what the heck are “damas?””

    Why the heck *should* “Damas” be anything?

    A “Before and After” pun, A-B-C only requires that A-B (Casa Nostra) and B-C (Nostra Damas) be things. None of A,B, or C or even A-B-C as a whole need to be anything.

  6. “I’m with Kilby. I see the play on Nostradamus, but what the heck are “damas?””

    Dunno, but a domus is a house. (or a magazine)

  7. In Spanish, damas is ladies, but that has nothing to do with the joke. Woozy and timharrod explained it well.

  8. @ L.F. – I agree, although I would have been willing to settle for “Cosa Nostra Damus”.

  9. “If the caption had been “Cosa Nostradamus”, then everyone would be happy.”— I admit I’d have preferred that.

    “I agree, although I would have been willing to settle for “Cosa Nostra Damus”– Oh… I didn’t notice that. That is a legitimate complaint. It should have been Cosa Nostra Damus…. except…. that looks wrong… Cosa Nostradamus would be best.

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