1. ““The dish ran away with the spoon.” Got it. But I don’t get it.”

    Yes, you do. The dish ran away with the spoon. …. You got it.

  2. Still leaves a lot of questions for me. Forks are normally paired off with knives, not spoons…unless you’re eating some forms of pasta, I guess. Does he mean that he has no spoon to stir his coffee? But then one animated utensil may be reluctant to dip another in to scalding liquid, so probably not that. Why ‘satellite’? Are there some sort of engineering spoons used to repair satellite dishes or something that would make some select crowd giggle?

    Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it seems there has got to be more than just the dish running away with the spoon. In any case, as for coming up with an explanation, I’m forked.

  3. It’s a simply question of magnitude. It wouldn’t be so bad if the interloper had been a 6-inch saucer, but the poor fork simply cannot compete with an 18-inch satellite dish. He probably came to this grimy bar because he didn’t want to hear any nonsense about “It’s not what you have, it’s how you use it that counts.

  4. We need to be able to add a “Sorry, Bill, unfortunately that actually is all there is” tag.

    Maybe the deadline snuck up on Mr. Peters.

  5. Maybe a satellite dish is sexier and more exciting than your average dish. But then that would be kind of humble-bragging: “My girl ran off with a movie star”, and by implication not the sad-sack dweeb down the road, implying that I was so special it took Hollywood (fake) glamour to prise her away from me.

  6. narmitaj — I do have a friend who has a childhood friend whose wife broke up with him to date, and eventually marry, Gary Oldman. My friend went out to LA to help her friend through his hard time, then discovered that he’d turned into a real jerk in the intervening years and that his wife had made the absolute right choice in trading up.
    So, it turns out that it wasn’t so much that his wife had run off with a movie star as that he was a jerk whose wife left him for being a jerk, and, incidentally, also ended up dating a movie star. But I’m sure that’s not the way HE tells it.

  7. manitaj: I have a friend who lost on Jeopardy! to Ken Jennings. He says, sure he lost, but at least he lost to Ken Jennings.

  8. Stan, you are familiar with the ancient nursery rhyme this comic is referencing? That one isn’t known for sensible logic. 🙂

    “Satellite dish” is just a play on words instead of the kind of “dish”, the nursery rhyme mentions.

    I think that’s all there is to it, though for my own amusement I’m wondering if the restaurant the comic is set in might be called a “greasy spoon”….

  9. I thought that there should be a connection to the slightly archaic custom of referring to a pretty girl as a “dish”, but that sent me down an odd path of gender-bending grammar.
    Since the participants are inanimate objects, none of them has a “real” gender, at least not in English, but the fork shown here seems to be male. Now, if we assume that all of these cupboard denizens are heterosexual, that would make the spoon female, leading to a male “dish”, thus topedoing my hypothesis above.
    However, there are many languages that give every noun a gender, sometimes logical, sometimes not. In Spanish, the fork is “el tenedor” (hence male), the spoon is “la cuchilla” (female), and the dish is “el platillo” (male), but that is exactly what we already had before.
    On the other hand, if we use German, fork = “die Gabel” (female), spoon = “der Löffel” (male), and dish = “die Untertasse” (female), which could have worked, if the fork had been drawn with long eyelashes and lipstick.

  10. P.S. I forgot to include the “satellite” with the “dish”, which messed things up a bit. In Spanish, it would be “antena parabólica” (therefore female!). In German, it’s a different word (“die Satellitenschüssel“), but still the same gender (female)

  11. ” if we assume that all of these cupboard denizens are heterosexual”

    Why assume that, if it makes things more complicated? If they AREN’T, then the dish running away with the spoon is even MORE scandalous. Ish.

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