1. I might, particularly if I was going to the mall anyway for something else.

    I actually don’t think it makes much difference to me whether it’s mittens or a sweater. If I wanted to return something, the main reason I wouldn’t want to do it on the 26th would be because the mall would be really busy on the 26th, and the reasons that I would end up doing it anyway would only have to do with it turning out to be convenient on the 26th for other reasons. I don’t see that the price of the item would affect the pros or cons of going on the 26th either way.

  2. She seems to be returning only the mittens, and a pair if $7.98 mittens just isn’t worth the time and hassle. Especially on December 26′

    Hang onto them as an emergency pair. Give them away next time there’s a used clothing drive.

  3. When I worked in retail, 26 December was a day to be dreaded, altho we were able to turn many of the registers into ‘reverse’ registers to be used for returns, rather than everyone coming to the Service Desk (which is where I worked).

  4. Bill: Mittens can run a lot higher than $7.98. But regardless, my point was that, assuming that you’ve decided to return something, the plusses and minuses of doing it on the 26th are independent of price of the item, so whether it’s mittens or a sweater doesn’t affect the joke.

  5. I avoid the mall in general, and particularly in the month of December.

    On the other hand, when I made another person, I accepted the fact that she might have different opinions that mine, and avoiding the mall was not one of them, and right after Christmas there are gift cards to burn. So, it’s entirely possible that I might wind up in the returns line while my primary offspring unit was off engaging in commerce. It’s too cold to wait in the car out in the parking lot.

  6. Not only is it not worth worth returning, it’s also impossible to hide the fact that you hate them from your spouse if you do. “something of more substance” can be argued be impractical or other reasons for an exchange. A sweater is a bit iffy but … for the most part I think it’s kind of rude to return a sweater.

    So… are we going to be seeing strips from Daddy’s Home from now on?

  7. Close your lips then ‘-). Seriously, I know what you mean, but I do find some LOLs or EWs in it. In fact, I submitted this one to CIDU Bill with the question, ‘A bit early for AFTER-Christmas jokes, isn’t it’, or words to that effect.

    I will attempt to restrain myself, however.

  8. @ Andréa – The nice thing about “Daddy’s Home” is that it means we don’t have to endure the gruesome characters in “Close to Home”.

  9. Kilby, I don’t think one precludes the other.

    This is what I’M wondering: when a comic strip features creepy-looking characters, is that generally due to a deliberate design decision, or because the artist can only draw characters who look like they’ve been ravaged by decades of radiation poisoning?

  10. Oh, “Close to home” is *definitely* the ugliest comic strip I’ve ever seen but I assume it is intentional and the guy’s style. It may be just me but “Daddy’s Home” doesn’t look like it *should* be that ugly and you can’t put your finger on why you think it is ugly, but it is and it startles you each time you look at it afresh.

    I think this one it’s the guy’s leer. He looks like he’s just waiting for her to put them on because he deliberately put something nasty in them as a practical joke. I can only hope its something simple like itching powder but with that expression it seems more like dog poop.

  11. Why would you ever return mittens, unless they don’t fit? And, as CIDUB says, you can just give them away to someone who can use them if you like.

  12. McPherson’s problem (with “Close to Home”) is that he doesn’t (or can’t) erase his initial sketch marks, and he doesn’t feel the need to expand his collection of pens. Instead of using a nib (or tip) with sufficient width, he retraces over the line multiple times. The result looks exceedingly messy, and compounds the weaknesses in character design (bug-eyed women and men with protruding teeth).

  13. @ Singapore Bill – With all this talk about ugly characterizations of people, I find it a little surprising that nobody has noticed that those mittens are excruciatingly hideous. I wouldn’t want insult anyone by trying to pass them along.

  14. Kilby: in a universe where all the people are ugly (to us — one assumes there must be different standards of beauty in-universe), then maybe those mittens are the height of beauty there…

  15. @ Andréa – The unfortunate problem is that many people have a real talent for being either hideous, or unfunny, or hideously unfunny.

  16. “The unfortunate problem is that many people have a real talent for being either hideous, or unfunny, or hideously unfunny.”

    Gary Larson’s syndicate had quite the archive of missives purporting that Mr. Larson was both. Some saying about subcutaneous beauty, I guess.

  17. It’s been a loooong time since I was in the US for Christmas. I’m so used to Dec 26 being a holiday. That aside: I think this is about fickle customers, which would explain the store employees’ expressions. Must be especially common at Christmas.

  18. “I’m so used to Dec 26 being a holiday.”

    I’ve so often remarked that Christmas should be TWO days, as it is in Europe (in Holland, we had 6 December for the children, 25 December for family/church, and 26 December for friends/parties.) This pre-Christmas preparation is SO MUCH WORK for only one day’s celebration.

  19. Better still, jumpstart it on Dec 24th, like in Norway. That’s the day (evening) for the main celebration, dinner and gifts. Then two days to rest up and/or socialize.

  20. Back when I was a productive member of society, Megacorp gave us the entire period from Christmas eve (or earlier depending on the calendar) until after New Year’s.

  21. After two years of it, I left. It was my second, nighttime/weekend job and I hated the earliness of holidays . . . even back then (late 70s), Christmas stuff was out between Halloween and Thanksgiving (altho there wasn’t nearly as much Halloween and Thanksgiving/Autumn merchandise in those years). And we were open EARLY on 26 December.

    I really pity buyers; they usually start going to purchasing conventions and placing orders for Christmas merchandise in February, I believe. Talk about RUINING your ‘Christmas/Holiday Spirit’!

  22. “Winter Break” was usually from several days before Christmas ’til a day after New Year’s Day in our school district. I can’t remember when it stopped being ‘Christmas Break’ and became ‘Winter Break’ . . . must be when that ‘war’ began. Wonder if they are back to calling it ‘Christmas Break’ again. As well as ‘Easter Break’, which became ‘Spring Break’.

  23. ” Megacorp gave us the entire period from Christmas eve (or earlier depending on the calendar) until after New Year’s.”

    So often, what happens is that so many productive employees want that time off that there aren’t enough productive employees to actually get anything done.
    Don’t break your computer the second half of December… the IT staff consists of on manager plus all the employees without enough seniority to get vacation.

  24. The big corporation I worked for also gave us Christmas Eve through New Year’s off, Christmas and New Year’s were holidays; we had to take vacation days for the rest.

  25. In my first job I had to work on Christmas and Easter every year.

    I was the organist in a Catholic church.

  26. @ Olivier – Germany averages that out: Christmas is officially two days (25th & 26th), but a very large percentage of businesses shut down mid-day on the 24th, and some places don’t open at all. We also get the Mondays after Easter and Pentecost off, as well as Ascension Thursday.

  27. One day also in Belgium, although here, they do that furikae thing the Japanese do: if Christmas falls on a weekend, they have the next Monday off.

  28. I bought a short extension cord to use with Christmas decorations to hook up 2 light up angels in one outlet of a cord with a extension switch so I could reach it to turn them and off. For the second time in 2 months I forgot to check 2 prong or 3 prong on something. (Extension cord 3 prong, could not plug into 2 prong cord.) So I set it aside to return it later in January when everything is quieter in stores. Robert decided that we needed to return it yesterday (Dec 21st). The service desk line was already LONG (and yet he made me stay and return it).

    And yes, I would return a pair of mittens. There is no one to pass stuff along to. We have had so much junk, errr valuable stuff, that we have received as gifts over the decades that I got rid of most of it by taking it to Goodwill finally. Now, alas, that option is harder. The second Goodwill store in our area has closed, as has the Salvation Army store and the Savers (Big Brothers/Sisters) and I don’t generally have enough to call them for a pickup, so I have to figure it out.

  29. Miss Meryl, I feel your pain. My wife passed away in 2016, and I’ve spent the past two years dealing with 40 years of accumulated stuff. I’ve recently moved from our large house into a very small efficiency apartment, so I’ve really had to step up the downsizing process. I’ve taken a dozen truckloads to Goodwill and Salvation Army, rented and filled a rollaway dumpster, and had my daughters go through the house and take everything they wanted. And still I have stuff to deal with. I know there are people who object to Goodwill and Salvation Army for various philosophical reasons. I’m just thankful they exist. They willingly take things I no longer want or need and use those things to help people. I was raised in a household where waste was the eighth deadly sin. 🙂 If something I don’t want still has value, I desire to see it put to use by someone who does want it. Thrift stores help me accomplish that. And both those organizations (and the DAV, Catholic charities, and many others) use at least part of their proceeds to help the less fortunate with job training and employment, food, clothing, and basic necessities of life. I’m glad to at least be a small part of that good work. Maybe by the end of 2019 I’ll finally be finished dealing with all my accumulated stuff. (Ha!)

  30. DanV – I am sorry to hear about your wife.

    I just was involved in a series of posts on another group where people think that Goodwill is a commercial business due to rumors over the past several years, when in actuality it is a not for profit corporation which does a very good job of training people to be able to work and hold jobs. (A friend of husband’s from college was head of one of the local Goodwill areas.) They started out by accepting damaged items from people and then training their clients to repair the items, back when items actually were repaired. The people they trained would then be able to obtain jobs and the repaired items were either given to someone who needed it or sold in one of their shops to raise additional funds to keep their programs going. They still do training of their clients for them to be able to have a job – now in areas such as IT in addition to learning to repair items which are still repaired. One place that the clients are trained is in their stores where they are trained in retail as they work there.

    The people on this group were extremely enamored of the Salvation Army. I will donate to either of them – or anyone who reuses the items in a way that helps others. I am guessing that they did not know that Salvation Army started out as a heavily religious organization (Actually Goodwill was started by a Methodist minister so it also has a religious point of view as its background) and that Salvation in its name was not related to salvaging items that otherwise would thrown away, but rather offering Christian religious Salvation for the souls of those they helped and army as they set up the organization to work similar to the organization in an army to fight for those souls.

    Robert seems willing to drive to the next county where there seem to still be donation locations. I would drive there myself, but if it is just me I have to go on the one day a month I am out alone and would probably get out there too late after running my other regular errands.

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