1. Or it’s a climate change joke.

    The NORTH pole is underwater but is the posited home of Santa Claus, toy-making elves, and flying reindeer, which collectively we can label “Christmas stuff”.
    The SOUTH pole is land area covered in ice… and penguins.

    What we see here is open ocean with only a tiny bit of remaining ice… so one of the penguins is suggesting relocating to the Christmas-y pole instead of staying south.

  2. Ours are ready to send out, but I thought I’d wait ’til the week AFTER Thanksgiving, as Thanksgiving is early this year (I usually send out the day after Thanksgiving). Cards out of the country have been sent, tho.

    I don’t know who the purchaser of this card would be . . . by the time you saw it and ordered it, or found it on the shelf, it’d be ‘normal’ card-sending time. (Unless you buy it after Christmas for next year AND remember where you put it.)

  3. A friend once told me “There’s no such thing as too early for a Christmas card.”

    Unless it’s so early it seems late.

  4. Usually sometime around December 22, okay not really , usually a bit earlier than the 22nd, Robert will say “I guess we should do the Christmas cards tonight.” I will bring down some boxes of cards – Christmas, Seasons Greetings, ones we get from Colonial Williamsburg with our donation, business looking Christmas cards (for clients) and such. ( In the old days when the after Christmas sale was actually after Christmas we would buy oddly humerus (quirky?) cards there at half price and have cards for people who would not get them – but Bloomingdale’s is no longer Bloomingdale’s, sales are no longer sales (and start soooo much earlier in the year), and we wouldn[‘t pay the 50% off price now anyway.) I also bring “good” pens and Christmas stamps and rubber stamps – one home address, one PO Box address.

    I start my laptop – I have all the addresses in Lotus Organizer (they will pry that program out of my cold dead hands). I call out a name – we decide if they are getting a card and pick one. He writes the card. I address the envelope. Slide the card in and seal the envelope. Next. At the end return addresses are stamped on them and postage stamps put on.

  5. I hadn’t heard of Lotus Organizer, but my old Win 98 machine had Lotus tools on it. Sure enough, Organizer is there.

  6. Brian – I think that Lotus Organizer is the best calendar/organizing program made. I used it with the Palm Pilot that I took over when Robert did not want it. I used it with my Palm Centro phone. When we split our cell service a few years later I had to get a new phone. Robert went online and found a company selling new Centros and bought one compatible with the new company – alas, after I had it a couple of years he decided to check the earphone jack – which permanently set it to same, even better he got the Centro to work again and then, yes, tried the earphone jack again. That led to my betting a Blackberry which partially worked with Organizer – I could not get the “todos” to work. So since most of the todos are home items, I used the Blackberry for what it was good for (for me) and also carried the Centro around the house. Last year the Blackberry lost – first it’s cell phone connection and then its Internet connection so I had to get an Android.

    So I carry all 3 around the house and and on trips where I may take photos or are overnight, I bring all 3 (Blackberry camera better than the androids) and on day trips I carry the Centro and the Android.

    I sync the Centro and Organizer just about daily. Robert has learned to deal with my “quirks’. We managed to find a new laptop (which I hate for many reasons) and held it until after Black Friday in case a better deal came up. He has been setting it up since Friday and still so many things go odd and I get frustrated (on it now). He has found a Win XP virtual drive to put in for me so I can keep using Organizer and some other software that we are not sure will work in Win 10.

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