1. So the story is: Guy in bar is relating a story of an incident at work. He was told his attire didn’t meet the dress code but when they consulted the dress code they couldn’t find anything the specifically addresses his particular attire. He considered this a win.

    The joke is that the questionable attire wasn’t something a typical person would want wear to work; it was a shirt with a lot of sequins…. That’s the joke. In its entirety.

  2. I went to Catholic School with a guy named Sylvio who delighted in dressing inappropriately but in conformity to the actual Student Handbook rules. Jacket and tie was required, and he’d wear an insanely garish checkered pink jacket with, yes, sequins on the lapels. Maybe Carillo went to school with Sylvio.

  3. OT note for ignatzz — I only recently learned (I think from “Better Call Saul” discussion podcast or something like that) that “nacho” is not in the first instanced the name of a food concoction; nor are guys nicknamed “Nacho” necessarily called that because of some connection to the food.

    Rather, it is a fairly old and fairly standard nickname for the full name “Ignacio”. And the snack food was invented by someone named Ignacio, and was called by his already nickname of Nacho.

    Detailed version at wikipedia — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nachos

  4. @ Andréa – Probably: the line “I wish my brother George was here” was parodied in at least two WB cartoons, but an Internet search does not produce the relevant page in Wikipedia.

  5. When I first saw this one before reading it, I thought it was going to be a Neil Diamond reference.

  6. “Wideo Wabbit” is the one I remember best in which Bugs Bunny, imitating Liberace, says of Elmer Fudd “That’s my brother, George” and gives Elmer Fudd a candelabra made of dynamite to give to mother. This is the cartoon with the Groucho Marx imitation on “You Beat Your Wife” where Bugs says “Excuse me while I slip out of these wet clothes and into a dry martini”

    From Googling it seems most people remember “Hyde nor Hare” better (which I barely remember at all) where Bugs, imitating Liberace, says “I wish my brother George were here”.

  7. I don’t know if, or how often, Liberace said “I wish my brother George were here” but I do know that his brother George sometimes accompanied him on the violin.

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