1. Eagles mate for life and the cartoonist thinks the phrase “mate for life” is funny and putting it in a “i’d like permission to date your daughter” context…. because “mater for life” is a different phrase than date…. and eagles aren’t people.

  2. Sir, I’ve come to ask you permission to unite with your daughter in a lifelong consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law establishing conjugal rights and obligations. Oh, and I’m an eagle! And so are you! And presumably your daughter!

  3. I thought this was more a play on ‘Ask for your daughter’s hand in marriage’ rather than dating.

    As birds don’t marry, they mate and so the young eagle would have to phrase his request this way. So perhaps the joke likes in the alternate meanings of ‘mate’, which can at times mean a sexual action (“come together for breeding; copulate” – Oxford dictionary).

    Daddy bird has the second meaning in mind, and when asked if he would give permission for someone to ‘mate’ his daughter for life, this leads to an awkward situation. Take out ‘mate with’ and put in a popular ‘f’ word for copulation, and you’ll see what I mean.

  4. It’s really this simple. Eagles are monogamous. So the young eagle has to ask her father’s hand in marr— mating for life.

  5. It’s awkward because eagles don’t have hands,so longer phrase must be substituted.

  6. It’s odd to ask for a hand in marriage. The point of getting married is to get more than the hand, right?

  7. “It’s odd to ask for a hand in marriage.”

    Sir, may I have your daughter’s —- in marriage?

  8. Daddy Eagle has every reason to find an “ask for your daughter’s hand” question awkward, since he has to wing it.

  9. I thought it was awkward because the eagle he’s talking to is actually the daughter. Do male and female bald eagles look alike?

  10. (I Googled! They do look alike. Males are smaller, but otherwise, they look the same. So I stand by my interpretation.)

  11. “I thought it was awkward because the eagle he’s talking to is actually the daughter.”

    Yes! That’s got to be it! I retract my early offering. It seems so obvious now that it’s been mentioned. Nice one, Keera and maryellenc.

  12. I had a similar idea to maryellenc – either it is the female of the nest the young fellow is talking to, or his intended herself. Of course, it can also be that daughter bird just eloped with a better looking bird with a bigger nest, bigger wing span, and a country nest with a lovely view.

  13. Do male eagles ever sit in the nest, or only females? If only females, she could be the mother, and he should have said “ma’am” instead of “sir”.

  14. Where birds are concerned, if both sexes have the same plumage, it’s a sign they share equally in all duties. So the parents take turns sitting on the eggs while the partner goes off to eat. Applies to eagles, magpies and oystercatchers certainly, but I seem to remember not penguins.

  15. The gender exploration is an interesting diversion, but these are clearly (male pattern) bald eagles.

  16. According to the wunderful web, only Emperor penguins have the males exclusively incubate the eggs.

  17. I thought it was awkward for the father, because he got caught when it was his turn to sit on the egg.

  18. Do birds only go to the nest to sit on eggs? Surely they just go back there sometimes to relax, watch some Netflix. . .

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